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Poor corporate customer service


My son had purchased PS5 Gaming systems for himself and my niece on a restock n November.

My wife wenrt to Best Buy to pick it up wth all information.

When she arrived she was told that my son needed to afd herto accepted list for pickup. I understand the need for hat step to prevent fraue=d especially with gaming systems.

Hewent on line to do this as instructed.

The act of adding her prompted an order cancellation at corportate (for suspicious sctivity). 

My wife spent about 75 minutes atcurbside and had to leave.

My son called the store (1 1/2 hour on hold as they were busy) and wastold that that needed to be hndled at Cprporate.

After a long time with corportae they essentially said that there was nothing that they could do and try to get a system online (2 days before Christmas). No soluitions wee offered.

Thsi was a poor rsolutiion and basically it waslet as no solutions avauialble.

I did call the store and after another 75 minutes on hold a spoke with an employee who was to speak with a manger. I was palced on hold and call was dropped. After another long hold and information given we were given a call back from the store manager.

TheManager Joshua, was really excellent he expeessed undertanding and had offered a solution. He found the units in question as well as data and was going to hold them for pickup.

This required another rip to the store (over an hour away) buy when we arrived all went smoothly.

Things can occur in any business. How these issues are handled distinguish one organization from another,

Best Buy corporate almost lost a long time customer.

Joshua at West Towne Madison, Wi store should be trecognized as an outstanding customer servicerepreesentative and founf=d an appropriate solution. 

Corporate Customerservice and access should be imoroved and made more accessible.

We spent over 8 hours of our time as well as travel to rsole the issue.

Overall poor corporate experience but excellent local service.


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Re: Poor corporate customer service

Hey, howkau,


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us about this experience on the Best Buy Forums. We want to be providing consistent excellent service, not only on a local level. I'm sorry to hear that you needed to spend a lot of time to get a resolution here, and found our corporate contacts to be unhelpful.


I would be grateful for the opportunity to document this feedback here at the corporate campus. So that I can formally record this complaint, please send us a private message with your name and phone number or email. 


Looking forward to hearing from you,



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