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Poor Service And all Lie's

I went in to the best buy store in Garner, NC. I stated that I wanted to buy the Note9. The girl that worked at best buy and the girl working in the store that claimed to be a rep for Samsung. Talked me out of buying the Note9 and pre ordering the S10+ because there were not discounts on the Note9 at the time and I could trade in my old phone that was a S7 edge for 300.00 and then get a bonus for pre ordering of 50.00. So, I thought about it and ask a lot of questions. They both looked it up on their computer and told me that was what I would be getting for my phone and bonus for pre ordering. I also didn't want to add any money to my Verizon account because I already pay way too much for service monthly. On 3/7/19 I received a call that my phone was in and would be ready to pick up on 3/8/19. On 3/8/19 I took a long lunch from work so I could get my new phone and not wait in the lines after 5. I had a gentle man help me the day I went in Best Buy to pick up my phone. At first, he took about 20 min to find my phone. I thought they had lost it. Then he starts taking all my info and tells me that I will get a gift card for 150.00 for my phone. I told him that is not what the 2 ladies told me the day I ordered it. He told me to look at the paper that was all my phone was worth and to be luck because if I would have traded it in without the pre order it would have only been worth like 56.00 well the sad thing is he made it like I was lying. So, I pointed out the girl that worked for Samsung and told him she was one of the girls that helped me when I did the pre order and told me i would get 350.00 for my phone. She finally came over and she remembered me but said oh, well sorry we can only give you the 150.00 for it. So, I did get upset but of course she disappeared and was never to be seen again until I was leaving. I told them that it was sad because my phone was old and I knew that but it was not even worth it for me to trade it on the Note because they were both almost 1000.00 and if I knew I was only going to get 150.00 for mine I would have bought the phone I went to get in the first place. All he said was well I guess I can cancel this S10 and get you the Note if that’s what you want because others want this phone and their orders didn't come in. I guess my point is they lied to me about getting 350.00 for my phone. They lied about nothing going on my Verizon bill. The they told me at the last before I signed the last paper work that Verizon was also going to charge me an activation fee of 30.00, I see it that I lost on this deal and if you have to have people lie to get us to buy the phones that sucks. I was going to buy a Samsung phone the day I went in, but I guess someone must get bonus for the pre orders so screw the customers. I am also emailing this to Samsung, Best Buy and Verizon. Because If I was not in the hole with Samsung and Verizon, I would buy an I phone witch I hate and go with another phone service. Also, to Best Buy store. This is really sad because between me and my son that same week I ordered my phone we spent almost 5000.00 in that store in 2 weeks. But you can bet I will order everything I need off Amazon from now on. I don’t usually do this, but I am so sick of everyone lying. We have bought Samsung products for a long time, but it will be my last. I have been with Verizon a long time but as soon as I can I am out of there also. Last, I will never buy another thing from best buy and we bought a lot from your stores.
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Re: Poor Service And all Lie's

Greetings, rogerskwk,

Welcome to our online community, here on the Best Buy Forums.


We expect our associates and vendor partners to do their best to share accurate information with our customers. I'm sorry to hear that you left the store feeling differently. We would be happy to share your feedback on to the management team at the store. I would like to make sure that I am also sharing the relevant order information with them as well. Can you please send me a Private Message verifying your full name, email address, and phone number? You can find a link to send a Private Message in my signature.



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