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Poor Customer Service

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 I am a long time customer of Best Buy and have made several major purchases over the years (complete kitchen apppliance packages (for two of my homes), complete electronics for Home Theatre, etc).  Until yesterday, I have remained impressed with the quality of items purchased, value of items purchased; and, most importantly, the customer service received with Best Buy. Of note all of my substantial purchases were completed at the Crestwood, Illnois location (store # 306).


 On Sunday, February 16, 2020, I received a birthday present of Powebeats 3 Wireless Black, purchased by my daughter at the Best Buy Homewood, Illinois location (store # 1048). Immediately acknowledging that I already possess the exact item that I received from my daughter, she gave me the receipt for the item so that I may exchange the Powerbeats for something that I didn't already own. When I attempted to exchange the item at the Crestwood store yesterday (February 19, 2020, I was advised my an Associate that the item could not be returned because the 15-day window for returning the item had expired (the Purchase date for the Powerbeats is February 2, 2020). I then amiably requested to speak with a member of the store's management team.


 Upon his arrival to the Customer Service counter, a employee who introduced himself as the "on-duty manager" examined the item's unaltered receipt, and related that "there is nothing I can do" to resolve the matter. I then advised the manager (whose name tag read "Devon"), that I had just received the item as a gift, the package was never opened, and I only desired to exchange the item. I further related that I'd gladly accept a gift card or store credit so that I may purchase an different item from the Crestwood store. I advcised Devon that I was a loyal Best Buy customer and had proper identification, but he persisted with his claim that he was "unable" to return the item.


 After expressing my dissatisfaction with the short 15-day return policy for items purchased at Best Buy, Devon's reply was "I know, it stinks". I then asked Devon for the name of his District Manager, to which he replied, "I don't have one". When asked for the name of the store's Regional Manager, Devon replied, 'We don't have one of those either". He offered me the general Best Buy Customer Service number and suggested that "maybe they can help you".


 I the departed the store and immediately called a Best Buy Customer Care number obtained via a Google search. The person was compassionate and understanding; and advised me that Devon indeed did have the authority to authorize an exchange of the item (Joseph, {removed per forum guidelines}. Joseph then advised me to reenter the store and again speak to Devon. Joseph stated that he himself would speak to the manager. Upon reentering the store, Devon eventually reported to the Customer Service desk (after a 14 minte wait), and immediately began to return the Powerbeat item. He stated, "I'll just say that they're broken". He then returned the item and credited the refund to to Credit Card used to make the initial purchase.


 Although my return problem was settled, and I am grateful, Devon's attitude during the entire ordeal has left a terrible stain on the Best Buy brand. I am a very mild-mannered, well-groomed, well-spoken, 57 year old man. I am also Africam American. I'm left to wonder which of my attributes prohibited Devon from making a honest attempt to settle my issue during our initial encounter.