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Poor Customer Service at Park Place Dallas, Texas-Manger Heather

I have been a Premier Elite member for years and let me start by saying I have generally had a good experience shopping at the Best Buy at Park Lane in Dallas, Texas with both associates and the management staff with the exception of one manager named Heather.  A majority of my larger purchases are open box items, based on the value, and with open box items, I will occasionally ask if there are any additional discounts based on missing items, condition, or length of time it has been at the store. Some managers will offer me additional discounts, others will not, which I understand.  In the case of Heather, whenever this issue has come up she first intimidates the associate and belittles them for even asking and then she always responds with a "no" without listening to why I am requesting the additional discount, almost to the point of arguing with me and she definitely has an attitude as if I should be honored to be given any discount at all.  It leaves me with the impression that she does not even want to sell the open box item and prefers to keep the stock.  I want to reiterate that I have not had this experience with any other member of management at this store or any other Best Buy store I have shopped at, actually, most seem willing to offer a nominal discount to get rid of the open box item at the very least they take the time to look up the item and see if they have any room to offer further discounts.


The issue that really frustrated me which led me to complain was this past Sunday I convinced my wife to go to Best Buy with me (she rarely goes) to get her a new laptop.  We found one that was open box but was marked the same price as a brand new one, so I asked the associate if there were any additional discounts and  she said she would contact a manager and lo and behold Heather showed up and before I could start talking she said that was the best price she could do but there was a section where they had some open box computers that were 10% off.  Once Heather allowed me to talk I pointed out that the open box was the same price as a brand new one, she then had the associate look up the item and it was in fact discounted.  She never apologized for making her assumption without first reviewing anything or allowing me to speak first.  My wife then asked if she could knock off an additional 10% off, as she noted the other ones were discounted, and she said "no" immediately.  I told my wife we should just go ahead and buy a new one there at the store but she refused based on the way that Heather treated us.  We did end up paying almost double for a different laptop on Amazon and my wife remarked why do I even bother going into the store.  The fact that Heather has not only treated me this way but now also my wife, considering how much money I spend at this store, led me to write this complaint.  


I want to reiterate that the associate we dealt with on Sunday was great and helpful and all of the associates are generally helpful as well as other management staff.  I also want to note that the issue was not that I did not get an additional discount but rather the way the issue was handled and Heather's attitude and overall poor customer service especially from a member of management.  I feel she treats me less of a customer and more of a nuisance.  In today's marketplace where brick and mortar stores are struggling over online sales, it would seem that she should be more cognizant of how she treats those people that make the effort to come into the store.  Please feel free to reach back out to me directly if you need additional information and I would ask to speak directly to the district manager.  Thank you for time reviewing this matter.

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Re: Poor Customer Service at Park Place Dallas, Texas-Manger Heather



I appreciate you reaching out and do apologize for this whole situation. We aim to ensure the shopping experience for all our customers is a pleasant one but that hasn't been anything but the case here. I'd love to ensure this gets to the right people so I welcome you to send us a private message with your full name, email address, phone number, and any other bits you may have to add to the above. We'll continue from there.



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