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Poor Customer Serivce/ False Advertising

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I took my wife yesterday to the Greensburg PA, store to buy her a birthday present.  She wanted a new macbook.  We were undecided on what to buy at the time.  A sales perso ID# {removed per forum guidelines} came to aid us.  They had 3 display models at the time.  A large macbook pro, the 13.3 macbook pro, and the macbook air.  We narrowed our coice down to the 13.3 pro with the touchbar.  After going over all of the options this particular model came with including the touchbar we deiced to make the purchase. After driving home we opened up thte box to find that the model we were given to take home did not include the touchbar but every thing else was right.  So i called customer serive at the store and explained the situation the associate i spoke to assured me that I was given the wrong box and to bring it back in for an exchange.  I drove the whole way back to the store and we went over eveything again they agreed I was given the wrong item.  Customer serivce took the mac i was given and got the correct one.  They scanned it and then told me i owed them another 300$.  I asked how thats possible. So after driving to the store being sold a product and spending alot of money, get it home realize it was wrong, call the store and am re-assured its wrong, drive the whole way back to the store and then told that i owe more money when i was given a product thats not even on display and that i wasnt sold.  I felt beatdown and after returning to the store and asked for more money it was like being slapped in the face.  The customer serive although apologetic was in no way willing to help me out.  I work Monday to Satruday and my time is valueable to me. I wasted most of my day off dealing with Best Buy just to be treated like nothing but a credit card. 

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Re: Poor Customer Serivce/ False Advertising

Good morning, cleonard7,


I just bought a new MacBook last year and have absolutely noticed a step-up in performance from my previous model. If I'm being honest, though, I forget I have the Touch Bar on my laptop half of the time, but it sure has come in handy on numerous occasions when I'm editing photos or videos on the side. I'm sure you were excited to get your hands on this new model and we appreciate you choosing to shop with us for your computing needs.


We want to be sure we're providing our customers with not only the right information, but the right products, too. I can understand your frustration of discovering you received the wrong model, and I'm all too familiar with the shock of a higher price tag than what I was expected. While we wouldn't be able to discount a new-in-box model due to this confusion, we certainly appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us. It's important that we hear from our customers so we can see where we have room to improve, so I'm grateful you took the time to write to us.


I hope you have a great day! Feel free to let us know if you have any questions, anytime.



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