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Physically threatening of my wife by management for wanting to talk.

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 It is impossible to get answers for a situation where a manager raised his hands to my wife and told her to "be quiet" like some kind of dog. Smiled and seemed pleased when she left and was "feeling threatend" by a short woman he wouldn't even look at when he said to be quiet.. he only wanted to talk to a man it seems.. even the cashier was shocked by his actions. Since my wife takes medication for severe anxiety, this action caused her to have an anxiety attack in the car. A manager does not put a hand toward a woman in any fashion. And open palm towards her telling her to "be quiet" in the middle of the store even tho she haven't said anything till that point. She raised her hand in front of her with one finger up. A common type of body language that's not in any way threating makes her ok to attack, and if any closer , put his hand on her is not acceptable. That manager deserves to be punished and get retrained on customer relations. Never raise a hand to a woman in any way..... ive called in a complaint and got nothing.  Talked to his boss..  I'm assuming he was..  nothing.. my wife now refuses to enter that store because of feeling threatened by this manager.  Charleston WV. Store.  There's not another store for nearly 100 miles. We're in our mid 40s and some 20yo doesn't need to be treating fem customers like dogs he would kick if he could get away with it., {removed per forum guidelines}.   try to say I'm wrong.

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Re: Physically threatening of my wife by management for wanting to talk.

Hello Incubus5150,


I apologize for the delay in our response, as we have seen an increase in traffic during this busy holiday season. Welcome to the forums, and I’m happy to address your concerns moving forward.


We definitely expect our employees, from top to bottom, to conduct themselves as professional as possible in every situation. This is not what we expect to happen during your visit, and I am here to help in any way I can to turn this around for you.


I have reached out to the store’s management team to ensure the employee’s behavior gets addressed, and will also document your experience at a corporate level for internal review. I apologize for your experience. I appreciate you taking the time to write us about this, and let me know if you need further assistance. You can always private message me by clicking on under my signature where it says “Private Message.”


Have a nice day!

Deysha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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