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Phone trade-in can't be done via curbside pickup

I upgraded to a new phone.  Trying to do all the right things with COVID-19 I purchased the phone online and did a trade-in to save on my monthly payment.  During this time there was no mention of what the trade-in would actually entail.  Since Best Buy leaves appliances outside customer's doors now I assumed the same would apply to phones.  


When I received my order confirmation email it said to bring the old phone along with an ID and my original payment method.  Again, no mention of how long this would take.  When I arrived at the store there was no number I could call to tell the employees that I was there nor was there a link in the email to notify the store.  When I called the main number I was given multiple options but couldn't actually get to anyone.  So, I park and go in the store.  This is while my wife was in the car with our sleeping son.


I go in the store and no one is quite clear on how to handle the trade-in.  I explained what I thought would happen.  Based on the limited info I read into the appliance delivery and thought I would take the phone home to transfer my content.  Once I was done I would mail the old phone to Best Buy or return it to the store so they could do their thing.  If I didn't return the phone by a certain point Best Buy would charge the card I used initially for the trade in value since the phone wasn't received.  I am fluent with technology so I had no problem doing that.  Instead, I was ultimately told I had to stay in the store.  Again, durinig COVID with a sleeping kid in the car.


My son woke up screaming while I waited and waited and ultimately came into the store.  There was a lot of content and it was taking a while to transfer.  Probably an hour overall.  I kept reiterating how frustrating this was since I had a curbside pickup order.  Yet here I was in the store along with my family - one of which didn't have a mask in a time when a deadly virus was sweeping the country.


I attempted to chat with someone about this not really knowing where it would go.  I was given some reasoning about carriers and data and what have you.  I'm sure there was some security issues this would address but none of this was made clear to me during the purchase.  I was getting a curbside pickup.  Ultimately the second or third rep disconnected the chat since I was being negative.


The answer has to be somewhere in the middle here.  If it's necessary for people to come into the store and spend more than a few minutes let them know so they can plan on it.  Better yet, don't allow for curbside pickup when a carrier phone is purchased.  I had no intention of spending an hour in the store simply standing around.

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Re: Phone trade-in can't be done via curbside pickup

Good afternoon, wildersj,


Thank you for taking the time to get our community forums. I appreciate you letting us know about your experience with this phone purchase.


As conditions have changed, we are constantly working to help you get the product you need as safely as possible. In some cases, we may be unable to fulfill certain process completely via curbside pickup like this trade in.


In some cases, we are able to process trade in products via mail but if a discount would be applied when you picked up your order this trade in would need to be processed in store. You can find more details about this process here.


This feedback is important so we can continue to improve these processes in the future and make the ordering process as soon as possible. I hope we have the chance to help you with another purchase in the future, please let us know if we can do anything to help you at that time.



AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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