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Perimeter (Dunwoody, GA) Best Buy Mobile Department

Good Morning,

I was recently at the Dunwoody (Perimeter) location and I experienced one of the worst interactions ever. The representatives in the Mobile department were extremely rude. I pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and when I went to the store to pick-up my device the agents did not want to assist me with my purchase. I arrived at the location at 4:30pm EST, on August 21st, 2020. The location closed at 6:00pm. Upon arriving to the service desk the representative did not acknowledge me or speak to me after waiting for about 15 minutes. Following the interaction the agents did not want to assist me because the transfer from my iPhone to my new Galaxy Note Ultra 20 would have taken too long for them. The agent (Jacob) then told another representative (Mike) to help me because the service would take too long.These were the exact words the next rep told me "Im going to be real with you bruh! Transfer from iPhone to Samsung takes a while. And we close at 6:00pm, so if it's not done by then you'll be in this store by yourself." I was in disbelief. 0_o

The entire interaction was extremely rude and unprofessional. The reps did not know how to find my pre order, so another best buy employee had to come and assist them which took about 20-25 minutes. After they figured out how to locate my pre order they then rushed me to get information ready for the transfer and were rude in that process. The service was never completed on the 21st. After I had taken time off work to come to the store. I requested more time off from work and returned again on the 22nd. During this interaction I was not able to get any of my data transferred between the phones after being held up the previous day for the transfer. 

After spending $1300 on the phone. I decided not to purchase the accessories I picked up because of the horrible service. I would like for a customer resolution agent to reach out to me. I have been a best buy shopper for decades and I have never experienced this kind of disrespectful service in my life at any company. 

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Re: Perimeter (Dunwoody, GA) Best Buy Mobile Department

Welcome to our forums, Derekmullin1018,


I appreciate you taking the time to join our Community to share your experience with us, although it is disappointing that your visit is not under more fortunate circumstances.  Upgrading to a new phone should be a fun and exciting experience, and I'm sorry to hear this experience ended on such a sour note after your visit to our Dunwoody location.


Please know that any feedback we receive from our customers is taken very seriously here at Best Buy and I'll be fully documenting your experience here at our Corporate Headquarters, as well as forwarding your post to the appropriate leadership team at our Dunwoody, GA location, so they might address any coaching or training opportunities that may present themselves.  


While it sounds like this experience has led you to question your future with Best Buy, I do hope you'll consider shopping with us again in the future, so we might provide you the level of service I know we're capable of.


Thank you,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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