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Order picked up by someone else - manager will not help us

Hi I need some help. I placed an online order for a laptop to be picked up at the store. The total cost was $3,356.62. When I got to the store to pick up the item on Monday May 10, the employee looked confused and called the General Manager and told him the laptop was picked up earlier by someone who picked up a bunch of orders. The manager was very rude to me and accused me of trying to steal a laptop. He told me several times there was nothing he could do. I asked him if he was going to investigate and he told me repeatedly there was nothing to investigate. He also told me that he was not sure I even ordered a laptop. I asked him why he gave my order to someone else he told me they came in and had the order number. I asked if he checked their ID and he told me there was no problem, he did not think he gave the order to the wrong person.


I went back to the store on Wednesday May 12, to see what was going on and talked to a different manager. She seemed concerned and told me the General Manager would call me. He called the next morning and left me a message telling me he was investigating. I went to the store later that day and he told me the store did not check the ID of the person that picked up my order. He also told me he would not issue me a refund or order a replacement laptop until he determined how the person that picked up my laptop was able to get my order number. He also told me if it were a smaller dollar amount he would get a replacement. Why am I being punished for buying an expensive item?


It has now been a week and I have no laptop and Best Buy has my money for something the manager says I will not receive. The General Manager will not do anything to help me after he admitted the store made a mistake. He has told me repeatedloy there is nothing he can do. I want a refund or replacement imediately.


Thank you.

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Re: Order picked up by someone else - manager will not help us

Hi, Lynn6, and welcome to our online community!

Thank you for posting on our forum for support, although I hate to hear what happened with your laptop purchase. This is an important piece of technology, and I'm sure you were looking forward to picking up your order in-store. I can imagine your concern having learned that your order was already picked up by someone else. We'd expect you to receive the best customer support in a situation like this, and I'd like to do what I can to help now.

To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, phone number, order number, and store location. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


All the best,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Order picked up by someone else - manager will not help us

Thank you - after numerous complaints, we now have a replacement computer. This all could have been avoided if the store manager had followed protocol and requested an ID. Interestingly, the store manager continued to be a complete jerk to us throughout the entire process. He had no intention of giving us a refund, replacing the order -- or even investigating until we involved others. The online forum, Twitter, and support 800# however, all actually tried to resolve the situtation and somewhere along the way we were able to get a fraud investigation going. Best Buy seems to have a significant problem with theft of online orders - but the customer shouldn't be the one holding the bag. 

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Re: Order picked up by someone else - manager will not help us

I would suggest changing any password you have that could be associated with your account. 


Having this happen to you is a terrible experience.


But it smacks of identity theft.


Someone knows your information and made use of it. 


Personally my local store has asks for my ID every single time.

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Re: Order picked up by someone else - manager will not help us

In my situation, the store manager admitted he let the item go without checking an ID.  The store procedures worked -- but the manager screwed up.