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Open box item condition not as stated

I found a good open-box deal on a soundbar stated as "excellent" on the last week. The store sold this unit is far(Round Rock, TX), but it just right next to one of my friends who planned to visit me on the weekend. So I asked my friend to pick it up for me and bring it over when he came. When I got the item, I found out that the soundbar is not as "excellent" as BsetBuy defines on the Buying Options.

The unit doesn't come with any package, no manual, no wrap, no remote. It just comes soundbar itself(plus subwoofer) plus powercords, and the label even says that it is "satisfactory" condition. I do like the soundbar, but I feel like I am cheated. I talked to the corporate customer service today, they told me that they will put a note on the order, and I can go to nearest store to return and rebuy it at "satisfactory" condition price. However, when I talked to the customer service, they told me that the system doesn't allow them to do the price adjustment. And if they process it as a return, since the model is kind of old, the process might lead the unit to somewhere else(I forgot the detail) intead of putting it out for sale again, which means I might miss the deal. So, after waiting at the customer service for 30 minuets, they ends up giving me back the soundbar without any process.

I really want to keep the unit, but I am really angry about that they marked the price up by cheating their customer on the open-box condition for little profit. Shame on a big company like this.

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Re: Open box item condition not as stated

Hello, StickEverywhere, 


Welcome to our online community. 


Thank you for reaching out for support on our Forum with your soundbar purchase. I can relate to the disappointment of receiving a product that is not as it was described, and we regret that you have had this experience. I would like to look into this with you to see how we can help. To begin, please send a Private Message including your full name, email address, phone number and order number. I would be happy to see what is possible. To send a Private Message select the blue button next to my signature below. 


I look forward to hearing from you. 



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