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Open Box Product/ Geek Squad complaint - STATEN ISLAND BEST BUY

To whom it May Concern, Staten Island NY BEST BUY


I am inquiring about an open box product, SKU 6450860. I saw that it has been on Best Buys website for some time now and I am hoping to purchase it. It is a MacBook Pro open box product in “fair” condition for 2600. I am looking to have it discounted more. I am aware its condition, but I have seen it on Best Buy for a while now, and I am happy to pick it up this weekend!!


I have requested 2 manager call back requests from the National call center, and the first one was missed, and I'm currently in the 2 hour window(1135 am start) for the 2nd request. However, the National call center was helpful and tried to transfer me to the store directly and was able to, however, this is where my complaint comes in, they directed me to the Geek Squad line.


My complaint lands with a potential Geek Squad employee, “Jonathon”. Roughly 1130 am, The call center directed me to him and he was rude. The call center politely forwarded my call to the Managers office line, but instead it went to Geek Squad, I did not mean to bother someone, just wanted help and get to the right person. Unfortunately he told me he did not have to help me. He would not help me. "Best Buy is a Million dollar business and they do not care about trying to discount already discounted products. This employee would not transfer my call, or even attempt to put any managers on the line. I told him my story. Straight to the point did not want to help me. He/They wanted to be combative.


Yes, I understand discounts for OPEN BOXES are up to the Managers discretion. The call centers staff and other employees have told me that is possible. I was hoping to trade in an old laptop and Purchase this Open Box laptop as well as some other products in a Bundle but if I am not going. 


I also know that if i were to use Best Buys Trade in program for this EXACT laptop. Best Buy would only give me $850 dollars. So there is defintely room for a price decrease. 


I am unsure if I ever want to give my business to Best Buy going forward after dealing with this employee. 


Store in Question:

Staten Island NY Best Buy Location. 

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Re: Open Box Product/ Geek Squad complaint - STATEN ISLAND BEST BUY

Hello, pdguinness87,


Welcome to our forums! Getting the best price for an item always feels great, so I can understand your concern.

I’ll be happy to take a closer look into this matter and offer any additional assistance I can, however, I’m hoping you can provide me with a few pieces of additional information before I’m able to do so.  If you could use the blue “Private Message” button in my signature to send me:


  • Your first and last name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address


This should be enough for me to begin my research, and hopefully get you the assistance you’re looking for.

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