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Open Box Certified TV missing necessary parts

I bought an open box CERTIFIED Sony XBR-55x930E TV online and picked up in store on Saturday. 


I wish I had taken a better look at the box before leaving and seen how poorly it was repacked.  No damage occurred while in transport but the packaging original box was used without the original fastening pieces that would have held the top and bottom of the box together.  Six strips of clear tape were apparently sufficient to keep the 90lb TV from falling out the bottom but the TV shifted front to back inside the box du to the poor packaging.


When I got home and opened the box, I found the TV, remote, three pieces to assemble the tapbletop stand and the power adapter with both of its cables.  There was nothing else in the box.  I new that the manual might not be included based on the website description but there were no screws to assemble the tabletop stand or attach it to the TV and all of the back panel covers were missing.  I ended up finding the quck setup guide on and thankfully their engineers put the screw sizes on the page.  A quick trip to Lowes allowed me to at least put the TV on my entertainment center, but as quoted beow the TV should have come with everything that was in the original package!


Open-Box Excellent - Certified

Product has passed the Geek Squad Certified process, has been professionally cleaned, looks brand new and includes original parts and accessories.


I am definitely dissatisfied with my purcahse and ideally I would like to have the missing back panel pieces for my TV or some kind of compensation for not receiving them with my purchase.