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Office 2019 serial bought

Hi, I have a client who bought a notebook and a licence of Office 2019 H&S in a Best Buy local.
She has the ticket.
She brought me the notebook to install and activate the Office.
When she gave me the ticket, I noticed that it said
"Serial # MT................." but it has 19 digits, not 25 (including the letters 'M' and 'T').
So when I open Word/Excel/etc., log in with her Microsoft account and try to activate, of course it asks me for a 25 digit but in the ticket it's a 19 digit.
I'm totally lost here... in her Microsoft's account profile she has nothing in history, in purchases, only her device assigned (her notebook).
I need some help, please.


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Re: Office 2019 serial bought

Pretty sure regular office (non 365) is sold with a fancy key on paper from Microsoft. It wouldn't nessicarily be on the reciept.
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Re: Office 2019 serial bought

Mmm, she showed me the ticket from BB and it specefied the price of the notebook and below that the price of the licence Office 2019 H&S and a Serial # of 19 digits.

Weird, I thought they were always of 25 digits.

But the person who bought everything told me that BB people didn't give her nothing more than the notebook and the ticket. Nor paper, nor email, nor nothing.

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Re: Office 2019 serial bought

The 19 digits you mention is the barcode of the card that was scanned. This is not the license key, you must scratch off the card in order to get that number. If that is on the receipt, it definitely sounds like the representative scanned it to activate correctly. I would check in with her and make sure she hasn’t forgotten or misplaced it. If she had any work performed by Geek Squad at the time of purchase, including the installation of this Office Software, it is possible that the card was placed inside her Geek Squad Folder and sent home with her.
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Re: Office 2019 serial bought

Hello, BrunoGuarino, 


Welcome to the forum, and thank you for connecting with us regarding your client's purchase of Microsoft Office. It is great you're looking to get this installed for her, but I understand you've run into some trouble with the product key for the software. It sounds like jdogg836 is spot on, and that you are looking at the serial number of the barcode, rather than the product key. Under our Privacy Policy, we would need to speak with the purchaser directly. If your client does not have this product key available to provide you, she would need to reach out to us so that we can dig deeper into this with her. She may reach out by registering with the forum, then sending me a private message via the link in my signature below. 



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