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Note 10+ return

I purchased a Note 10 phone on August 23rd 2019. Prior to that I had a Note 8 phone and decided to upgrade. After using the phone for a little over a week I decided it wasn't I still preferred my Note 8 over it. Best Buys return policy states you have 14 days to return cell phones. 14 days from the August 23rd would have been September 6th. On September 6th exactly 14 days later, I went in to Best Buy to return the phone that I no longer wanted. I was told I couldn't return the phone because I was past the 14 day period and that it was now on the 15th day. I didn't understand how that could be when it was exactly 2 weeks for 14 days from the day I had bought the phone. The associate explained to me that the time begins the day that you buy the phone. So technically, the day you buy the phone is counts as number one instead of 24 hours from the period you buy the phone being day number one giving you only 13 days to return the item and not the 14 they advertise. I showed him how my receipt clearly said in print I had until September 6th to return the phone and therefore that's why I was there on that day. If i couldn't return on that day, the receipt should have said September 5th instead of misleading me and saying I had til the 6th. He agreed ,but said there was nothing he could do. He had no ability to override it. I have been shopping with Best Buy for 15 years and have always recommended friends and family to them to buy products instead of going elsewhere. Best Buy upset me with this misleading tactic and I am stuck with a thousand dollar phone that I'm not even satisfied with. I will no longer be shopping with them and I will be passing the warning on to others to not invest their money with them either for that very reason. You can't physically give someone a date to do something by and then not honor it. The receipt said return by september 6th, so that's what I tried to do. I don't think it was right to not allow my return when I was in the store on the 6th with my receipt in hand that clearly said it was ok to do so.