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Note 10 Pre-order

My wife was just at your Davenport Iowa location to go pre-order a brand new Note 10+. Not only was she there for an hour but she left without a pre-order made. When did making a pre-order become such a hassle? We had to decide right here and now how much we wanted to put down and they needed to have the phone being traded in there before they would complete the pre-order. We asked couldn't be just bring the phone being traded the day we pick up the new Note 10? We were told no. We also couldn't decide, if any, how much we wanted to put down for device payment plans. Really? They said if we came in the day of and tried all this they would cancel our order and they couldn't promise they would give us they phone. My wife asked again to make sure but yes, if we changed anything on the day we pick up the phone, we might not get it? How? We would be sitting across from the person making the change and you would give that phone away to another person? SO my wife just wasted 3 hours of her day, 1 hour drive in, 1 hour NOT getting a Pre-Order, and 1 hour to drive home because they wouldn't get a pre-order done if we didn't have all the answers? Also, it is complete waste to have people that working ONLY for Sprint, Att, or Verizon. They are Best Buy employees. Why can't they all work in each area? If that is how you are going to do business moving forward, maybe you should staff your store a little better for when pre-orders drop.