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Not given price match! Might never shop here again

On 11/7/22, I bought a Hisense U8H 65 inch, replacing a TCL 55 inch, also bought at Best Buy. It was paid for online and picked up the next day in store for $999. Later, I learned I had just missed some deal for a $100 rebate from the manufacturer, but on 11/12, I saw the price had dropped on to $898.

I went on the price match live chat thingy, all verified and went through great. They said it might take a month or so to see the refund and I should get an email verifying everything. Much later I realized I never did get an email, but assumed (yeah I know) it should all be fine.

Well, given the time of year and everything I kinda lost track of it all. On Dec. 21 a banner ad was advertising that same TV from Best Buy and I clicked on the ad. Still $898, and it jogged my memory. I looked at my statement, still no refund. Looked at my email, nothing there and never was.

I figured I may as well try the price match web interface again, but now it said unavailable for this item. I figured that was since I had already used it, so I called the customer service line off and on for 4 hours on Dec. 21 and never once was able to get a live person on the phone. It would just randomly hang up on me and eventually I gave up.

After Christmas, on Dec. 27, I decided to try the phone call again. This time I got through pretty quickly. She looked it up and said there was no record of my price match live chat, but no problem she'll just do it now and ...oh wait the price on that item is 999! The same as you paid what you talking about price match?!

Yeah I didn't check before calling on 12/27 that the price
was still the lower price, and I guess it wasn't so I was offered exactly nothing. I would've been ok with a $100 gift card even! My last two TVs have been from Best Buy as well as some SSDs for a couple PS5s so a pretty decent total for the last 5 years.

I can actually still return the thing until Jan. 14, and I've learned a few things about this TV that I'm not exactly happy about. So, it's either that, or more likely I just never shop at Best Buy again. I've done this before elsewhere, and I'm really good at this game...
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Re: Not given price match! Might never shop here again

Hi, Endpoint4236,


Thank you for joining the Forums community and for reaching out today.


We appreciate you sharing this experience with us, and would be happy to see what we can to help. To better assist, please send me a private message with the order number, along with your full name, phone number, and email address. You can send me a private message by logging into the Forums and clicking on the blue button across from my signature on this post.



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Re: Not given price match! Might never shop here again

Well here we have a support success to report! Thank you so much to Katie and Best Buy for understanding the situation and issuing the price match refund, thanks again!