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Not able to return or exchange a damaged TV

To whom it may concern at Best Buy customer service,

I purchased a 75 inch LG tv on Friday, February 8th. I did not purchase the protection plan they offered at the point of sale. Best Buy reps loaded it on my truck with no issues. It was laid down with the screen face up. I strapped it down to minimize the movement of the box while in my truck and drove home.

We got home safely, again with no issues. Once I arrived at home, my brother, my daughter and I took the TV down safely and put it on a cart/dolly I own (standing up). We used the dolly to get it to my front door with no issues of bumping into anything or dropping it. The three of us then placed it on a blanket that we had set up at my front door so that we could slide it safely to my living room over our tile floor. We left it in the middle of the room standing up.

I didn’t open the box until the next day, February 9th, in the morning. The tv was still standing and did not fall over night. Again, my brother and daughter assisted me by getting the straps and the box off the tv. Once we took off the protective foam and cover off, my daughter noticed that the tv looked cracked on the top left side of the screen. Upon further inspection, we determined that the tv was badly damaged through the entire screen. I then inspected the box and noticed minor damage to the box in the area where the damage was on the tv, but it was nothing noticeable enough to say for certain that the tv would be as damaged as it was. We took a picture of the damage right after we discovered it and also a picture of the tv turned on after connecting it. The tv remained on my floor when the damage was discovered.

We then put everything back into the box the way it came and safely loaded it back in my truck to take it to the store I bought it from. Best Buy employees there took it down and transported it to customer service. It was there that a manager inspected the box and tv, after I told l him I needed to exchange the tv because I purchased a damaged product. I explained to him everything that happened up to this point. After 2 minutes of inspection, he explained to me that they would not be able to return or exchange the tv because ‘there is no noticeable damage to the box or packaging, and the tv looks to have been impacted after it was opened”.

I again explained to him that after I purchased the tv, there was no way anything we did would have damaged the tv as much as it was. I showed him the picture I took of the exact time we noticed the damage, which was right after we took off the protective cover.

After going back and forth for about 2 hours and talking to the store manager, the store manager explained to me, that with the info they had, the only thing they can do was help me with a discount on purchasing a floor model. Since I have never had issues with Best Buy before and needed a TV to give to my wife as a gift for Valentine’s Day, I bought another tv outright and decided to try and contact someone else from customer service to help resolve the issue of the broken tv.

Today, February 10th, I’ve been back and forth on the phone with customer service reps of the number they gave me from the store, and again, the store manager I dealt with yesterday. The reps from the hotline keep telling me that the store should have no issue with returning or exchanging the damaged TV and to call the store and speak to the manager again. The manager of the store repeats everything he explained yesterday and tellls me I can escalate the issue with the customer service hotline. He also tells me after calling him a second time and after talking to customer service over the phone a second time, that “you can escalate it over the phone with customer service but it will do you no good with the info we have from the gentleman that initially helped you and the two customer service employees we have that witnessed what was discussed at the store. But good luck”.

What I want to know is: who do I need to contact in order to escalate this situation to the proper level. The store manager and customer service reps over the phone keep sending me to each other with no resolution. I want to formally open a complaint of the employees of the store and the store manager and pursue an investigation of the product I purchased.

Bottom line, I purchased a 75 inch tv that was damaged. I did not notice the damage until after it was at my house and we opened the box. I was told several times by the employee that initially helped and the store manager that since there was no visible damage to the box and packing material, there was no way that the damage happened while in their possession.

Thank you, from a very disappointed fan and long time customer of Best Buy.
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Re: Not able to return or exchange a damaged TV

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Hello, Tapoff69,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. Thank you for reaching out to us about this.


I apologize for the incorrect information you were given by our phone support teams. Under our Return & Exchange Promise, damaged items are not returnable, and a cracked television would qualify as a damaged item. Because of that, we would not accept a return on that television.


That said, I’d like to document this so that we can make sure to use your feedback to make sure we are giving accurate information over the phone. If you could please reach out to me through a private message, by using the link in my signature, I’d appreciate it.


Please include your name, email address, phone number, and the customer service PIN from the bottom of your receipt in that message.



Kyle R|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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