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Not Required to Show Receipt

I do most of my shopping on Amazon out of convenience. Occasionally, I’ll order from Best Buy for same or next day pickup. The process is easy, order, go straight to the front desk, and go home. 


Today was was a little different. Ordered something online to pick up first thing in the morning before taking off out of town.  Walked in right when they opened (first customer), said good morning to yellow shirt loss prevention and went straight to the customer service to pick up my order. Showed my ID, given my item and receipt and told to have a nice day.  All this was done while the yellow shirt watched me from twenty feet away.


I walked straight out of the store and loss prevention immediately stopped me and told me he needed to verify my receipt. I told him I just picked it up from “over there” and pointed to the customer service desk.  He said “I know, but I still need to sign off on your receipt”.  So this tells me two things, he knows I just picked it up from the online order pickup counter and he knows I have a receipt.  He was not accusing me of not having a receipt and my receipt was clearly visible because I had it out still on the way out.


I read all over this forum about being in the middle of the store and handful of stuff, etc.  In my case I didn’t even go into the store and the only merchandise accessible to me were giant TVs and if I were stealing a tv I would go out the entrance, not walk around APD and loss prevent on the way out. 


I politely said said no thanks and walked out.  At this point the yellow shirt looked at APD as if he was supposed to arrest me for not complying.  There was no probable cause to even detain me.  It’s not like someone followed me around the store and saw me steal something?  It’s an absolute abuse of the policy to stop someone who couldn’t be more legitimate especially if the yellow shirt is given wide descretion on who he/she wants to stop.  Not the guy who just pulled out his ID to pick up his online purchase. Because of this, it will always Amazon for now on.  It’s not worth the inconvenience of being accused of being a criminal.


I give a lot of credit for APD for shrugging his shoulders to the employee when he was trying to sick him on me.  Attempting to have a peace officer intervene and quit possibly detain me over nothing?  Huge abuse of power. I suggest you educate your employees or face bankruptcy like all other brick and mortar stores. 

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Re: Not Required to Show Receipt

What is the problem with taking 5 seconds to show the yellow shirt your receipt?


That is what I do not get.

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Re: Not Required to Show Receipt

Didn't know we had royalty on this forum.

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Re: Not Required to Show Receipt

Hey there, Dkubis,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! Although I wish you had discovered us under different circumstances, I'm glad you came to us to share your experience. 


I can understand how you would be confused by the request to view the receipt if the employee watched you pick-up your item from the counter. It was not our intention to offend in any way, so it's discouraging that this interaction made you feel accused of being a criminal.


My understanding is that with models that have similar packaging, the employee at the door will want to see the receipt just to ensure that the item paid for is what was grabbed before you leave the store. 


Would you mind sharing which of our locations this occurred so I can provide their leadership with this feedback?


Warmest Regards,  

Elle|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Not Required to Show Receipt



i didnt grab anything, the employee gave it to me. Why not just have the employee double check what he/she is giving me?  Or go have your yellow shirt stand next to the employee to make sure he/she is doing his/her job?  It’s all about the experience and shopping at Best Buy sucks. 


To me, he was wannabe cop trying to exercise authority over me given the way he looked at the cop to do something. Give me a break, not a great experience. Your CEO even acknowledged it’s a major customer complaint to be treated like a criminal. Why the change putting these wannabe cops back in front?


The store I mentioned was 

Best Buy West Albuquerque

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Re: Not Required to Show Receipt

Good afternoon, Dkubis,


Thank you for getting back to us with this information.  I’ll be forwarding your feedback to the leadership at our Albuquerque, NM location, for any coaching or training opportunities that may present themselves.



SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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