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Nightmare experience at Cedar Park, TX store

On Feb. 11 I saw a promotion on for 15% off a new router if you brought in an older one. The model I was looking at only had two left so I went ahead and purchased it that night because I was driving in from out of town (this was for my parents, not myself). I went to the store and no one had any idea about the promotion. They were saying they don't trade-in routers and I was trying to explain it's not a trade-in and I basically had to pull the promotion up on my phone and show them and they still couldn't figure it out. Finally they called a supervisor over and they knew how to process the router for recycling but at this point the associate has spent about 10-15 minutes looking around for how to do this, which is holding up the line (and he's the only person up front btw). 


After I get my voucher, I go over to store pickup and suprise - same kid is also covering store pickup. I explain to him that I purchased the router last night because it was on sale, they only had two and I would've hated to drive from out of town and they were out of stock (which at this point they now were). Over the next 30 minutes, he struggles to figure out how to "adjust" (his words) the transaction and says the register won't let him. He proceeds to type, tap and scan random stuff and meanwhile my phone is blowing up with receipt after receipt after receipt. Finally he says I got it. I just need to return everything and start the transaction all over. So he explains the full amount is going back on my card and we're starting at ground zero. After more tapping, typing and scanning and calling a manager over, he apologizes and says the system is not letting him apply the voucher so they manually adjusted for the discount and as the receipt prints out he hands me a store credit card to my confusion. I ask him why am I receiving a store credit and he says that's the only way they could get everything to work.


Fast forward a week or so and the router is horrendous. It randomly and constantly drops the connection for no reason. It's supposed to have this super-wide cover radius and devices that are not even 100 feet from it are only getting ~30% signal strength so I come in-store and purchase a mesh system (this is a small house btw and a mesh is likely overkill) and I schedule Geek Squad to go out and set it up with my TotalTech membership since I'm out of town. All of that goes fine. I try to return the defective router  here where I live and because of all the mistakes the kid at Cedar Park made, (1) it's hard to locate the receipt they need - both on my side and theirs - and when we finally find the receipt - again to my dismay I'm thinking it's going back on my card and instead I get a massive store credit card. I quickly figure out that the kid basically told ME he was returning everything back on my card and starting over. But in reality he did everything over a series of store credit cards. I want to know how to get this amount refunded to my card and you should do a better job of training associates on promotions, registers and communications. 

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Re: Nightmare experience at Cedar Park, TX store

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