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New fridge dented!

I ordered a Samsung Family Hub 27.7 cubic feet curbside pickup. Brought it home, cut the box, and the back is dented.

Customer service offered NOTHING other than me to repack the fridge and bring it back to the store...because that's so easy to do with a 300 pound item!

I asked for a discount and was told no. This is ridiculous. I paid close to $4000! The agent told me that the refrigerator was too expensive to offer a discount. Um...excuse me?! It's too expensive to be dented!

I know things happen in shipping. I'm reasonable. I do not want to have a damaged fridge that I've paid FULL price for.

Please help me rectify this situation.
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Re: New fridge dented!

How is customer service supposed to know that you didn't cause the damage sence you didn't have it delivered and how much damage there is because there is no delivery person there to inspect it?
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Re: New fridge dented!

You're right. I had every intention of purchasing something with this price tag and being careless with it.

I should have known to return it in the parking lot when my husband had to help 3 associates load it. How do I know these children that brought it to our vehicle and couldn't lift it didnt damage it?
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Re: New fridge dented!

Hi there, Tnford!


Thank you for joining our community here on the Best Buy Forums. I know that my refrigerator is front and center in my kitchen, so I can understand wanting the unit to be in the condition that you were expecting. 


Since reaching out, have you had the opportunity to return or exchange the unit as suggested? 



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