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New computer breaks within 50 days, M2 failure, and stuck holding the bag

On May 12th, I bought an ibuypower PC. I've owned one in the past and never had issues with the brand. I bought my new computer at my local BBY and it was instantly slow. I figured it was due to win11 since it always seemed to coincide with an OS update. Nope, it was the harddrive. On July 1st my M2 drive failed. I lost all my data, the bios can't detect a drive to boot from, and can't even run windows repair from a media drive.


I made an appointment with Geek Squad and they said that because it's past the 14 days return period, I cant have a refund and that it would cost me 200 bucks to fix it, and that I have the option of it falling under manufactors warrenty.


I contacted ibuypower and they said because I bought from BBY, I cant have a refund and they can fix it. I go to look at the email for the replacement order, I need to pay shipping.... on a 50 pound computer.... in this economy. I'm disabled and can't afford that extra expense. Even affording this computer took me 2 years of planning my finances in preperation for the purchase.


I never could have known about the policies of ibuypower because I bought the computer through BBY. I was completely uninformed about what I was agreeing too, there was no transparacy.


I feel so frustrated and betrayed.

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Re: New computer breaks within 50 days, M2 failure, and stuck holding the bag

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Welcome to the Best Buy Forums! 


Hi ironicsam. Thanks for stopping by our community forums, though I wish it were under better circumstances. I completely understand your frustration around your item being defective. I know you must have been excited getting this new computer that you've waited such a long time to purchase and now it does not work, I can only imagine how you feel. Our Returns and Exchange Promise supports most returns within 15 days. You will also be covered if you have a Geek Squad Protection Plan, for repairs and replacement if needed, or if you have a monthly protection plan. Also, for Total Tech members in-store repairs are included with the membership. 


If you have none of those options, like the agent mentioned, most items do come with that one-year manufacturer's warranty so that would be the way to get the item repaired. Though I understand that you may not want to ship the item to them, due to the potential cost, generally this is what is required when getting an item repaired under the warranty. 


If you have questions or need assistance, please feel free to send me a private message by clicking on the blue button next to my signature. 



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Re: New computer breaks within 50 days, M2 failure, and stuck holding the bag

I understand technology goes wrong. However, Many companies with standard warranties have policies where a customer has to pay to ship it to be repaired and the manufacturer will pay for return shipping. 


If I recall correct, Best Buy is also able to supply you with warranty information on a product before purchase unless they changed this practice. 

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