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New MacBook Pro came with dented and damage

I just bought a new MacBook Pro for $2000 yesterday at Best Buy and use for only 1 hour but it make me crazy. I watch movie and saw that a screen has shaken , also the speaker not worh. After that I restart to see how it work. But it can't turn on and have the button like this 🚫 on black screen. So I don't know how to do with it. And I put in on the box and but notice that box have scratches. After this I saw the very big DENT on the MacBook . it really bad cuz I just only use for 1 hour after purchasing, and put in box when it cant turn on. So it has to be damage dent before I buy it. So I go to Best Buy within 48 hour to exchange new one but Best Buy manager deny said I have to go to Apple Store. I go to Apple Store but they said I have to do it at Best Buy cause I dint purchase on apple. It really crazy I went to 3 Best Buy and they don't return it for me when I'm use only 2 days. Oh my good I can't believe that big company can treat customer like this. I purchase iPhone and iPad but never have any return before. But start from now on I will never buy anything at Best Buy and tell my friends, family do it too. The manager so rude when I ask for help he said he doesn't have responsibility for this and it's my fault. Hey I bought a new one with $2000 and why I have to destroy my $2000 it's useless.? Really bad experience for the manager. NOW I WANT MY MONEY BACK OR AN FULL EXCHANGE CAUSE I HAVE THE RIGHT POLICY TO RETURN IT IN 5 DAYS.