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Never shopping at another Best Buy

Posting here since it is impossible to email best buy support directly. 


I was disappointed that the Best Buy staff member - Michael in Jackson, MI - lied about what came on the computer. I was going to get a MacBook Air, but he said that Final Cut Pro came on the MacBook Pro so I spent $200 more! Only to get home and find that it does NOT come on the Pro and that it would cost an extra $299!! He showed us the program on the display model and was 100% confident it came already loaded and was free! I have debated returning this for the computer I originally went in to purchase, but I do not live close to any Best Buy. Driving and going through the hassle is NOT how I want to spend my last weekend of summer before school starts. 
Incredibly disappointed in the lack of Best Buy staff knowledge. I will not be making another purchase at Best Buy. I will deal directly with Apple in the future or go through a different store. 
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Re: Never shopping at another Best Buy

Could he have mistakenly been referring to iMovie? Final Cut hasn't come pre-installed on Macs for a while now, if ever. I don't know if Best Buy pays for a license for the software on its demo computers, but I'd guess that would be quite expensive.

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Re: Never shopping at another Best Buy

Agreed, the software on display Macbooks in stores is iMovie.  Very similar to Final Cut Pro and enough for most people.  If you want the power of Final Cut Pro, I would have recommended a Macbook Pro over the Macbook Air as well.  The Air is simply too slow to adequately encode video, unless it is 720x480 video or you have LOTS of time to wait on the video the encode.



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Re: Never shopping at another Best Buy

No, he was not referring to iMovie because we had a conversation about the differences between the two. He also had specifically opened Final Cut Pro on the display and explained how it was better than iMovie
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Re: Never shopping at another Best Buy

Hello, ALT2,


Welcome to our community! Select editing programs can be  spendy and splurging on them is an investment. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to share your MacBook Pro purchasing experience at your local Best Buy in Jackson with us. We’d like to review your experience in more detail.


As you can understand since we weren’t present, we’d be unable to speculate what may have been said, but we’d surely like to review this in more detail to see how we may be able to assist. Can you please drop us a private message with your full name, phone number and email address? A private message can be sent our way by choosing the “Private Message” button in my signature.



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