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Never received refund for a cancelled order



I ordered a fridge and stove on Feb 11 to be delivered March 24 (soonest delivery date then). This order was cancelled by an arrogant manager at the Racine Best Buy location on March 22. Only the stove was to be changed but the manager did not listen to me or his employee about the situation and cancelled the whole order even though I said if the order needs to be cancelled, I will reorder a new stove once it gets delivered becuase I need the fridge to be delivered on time. This then pushed my delivery back to April 1st. So that means another 8 days without a fridge in my home so no way to keep food cold. I was having to eat out most nights or go grocery shopping daily. Being without a fridge was costing me money everyday since I could not make meals at home. 


On April 1st, after the time I was suposed to get my fridge, I recieved a call stating the fridge delievered was not the correct one and I would have to reschedule the delievery again. This is now 10 extra days without a fridge. 10 more days of eating out and costing me money. On top of that, I had to waste 2 hours of my life on the phone to figure out where my fridge was because of the lack of communication from best buy. FMS stated the fridge was a 'no fit' even though they never came out to my house. I was then reschedule for April 5th but of course that had to be reschudeled again lol this time best buy could not give me a reason and just decided to order me a different fridge. They ordered me a smaller version of my fridge that was finally delivered April 14th. 


I went about a month without a fridge. This fridge was not back ordered. It was in stock when i ordered it in Feb. It was one of the reason I chose the fridge was so i could get it ASAP. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I went a whole month of eating out, costing me at least an extra $200 since I could'nt store leftovers anywhere. I spent at least 20+ hours on the phone and when i call for compensation all i'm offered is a $140 gift card??? Excuse me. I would understand it this issue was not controllable but its all from a lack of communication on Best Buy's side. 


It does not end there of course. When I bought my appliances, It was through a presidents sale which gave me 24 months financing. Of course since they had to cancel the fridge 4 times, I lost this promotion. When I called CitiBank to get it extended out to the 24months they told me I would have to wait until my first payment to call back to fix that. More hours wasted on the phone with no solution. 


AND the final part of alll of this, my biggest concern that I need fixed. The orgianal order was never refunded back to my card. I was charged twice for $2,872.04 and only one was refunded back. When you pull the order through OMS, it shows tender POS and when you pull it through POS it states that the order was already refunded. But it was not. Citibank agrees with me, they were not able to find when it was credited back to the account. I sent hours on the phone trying to solve this refund issue but Best Buy claims it was refunded back to me even though my last 2 statesments show the 2,872.04 promotional charge for 24 months. 



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Re: Never received refund for a cancelled order

HI, Shespicy, 


Thanks for reaching out on the Forums. I know its never ideal to have an order delays and charges not be refunded. I'm happy to take a closer look Please private the following:


  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Order Number



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