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Need Copy of Receipt ASAP

[ Edited ]

Hello my name is Matthew {removed per forum guidelines} and i need help getting my receipt!! I purchased the phone from 11.1.17 - 11.25.17 and it was roughly around 73-94 dollars$$$$ i purchased this at the Best Buy in San Antonio Texas loop 125

i have the card number and everything but they cant find it in store!! please help !!!!! my email is {removed per forum guidelines} thanks in advance Smiley Sad

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Re: Need Copy of Receipt ASAP

Welcome to the Best Buy forums, Team Saul, 


I'm grateful you stopped by to ask us for a duplicate receipt, but I'll have to remind you that this is a public forum, which is why I edited your post removing your personal information.  I'll need you to send me a private message with the remaining pieces of information that could assist me in locating your purchase receipt you're after. 


Click the blue button in my signature line below to send me your private message that contains: 


•    Full Name
•    Phone Number
•    Store Location
•    Date of purchase (the more exact, the better)
•    Total Purchase Price
•    List of Items (if other things were purchased with it)
•    Method of Payment (ex: Visa, MasterCard, Cash, Check, etc) – do NOT provide any credit card numbers
•    Email
•    Membership ID # (My Best Buy)

Hope to hear back from you soon!


JJ|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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