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My life is literally falling apart. It cannot get any worse! I think I am just going to give up.

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Hello Best Buy! 

I am so sorry to even write here, I am a regular customer and I know your rules and policies. I just did not have the chance to get to the store. Here is what happened. 

I had bought a used laptop from the store in surprise because I thought it would be faster and more powerful. The goal was to give it to my dad who is in the Hospital fighting the virus. I took the mac with me to europe and wanted to give it to him but when I was checking it out I noticed the speeds and everything else was the same as the one my dad already had. I basically opened it and closed it thats it. I came back last night. Not this last night but the night before. I know I had that day to go to the store but I did not make it and to be honest I did not think about it. 

The macbook was bought right before my flight on the 17th so I think I am out of the 14 days and that is going to be so rough for me. I took it back home with me because I need to buy an even more powerful one. I don't even know what to do, I feel bad for asking but can I return it today? I am ready to go to the store when it opens. I notivced this last night at around 9 and drove to the best buy but they close at 6 now because of the COVID. Stood in front of closed doors. 

I am already in a bad situation and I am honestly in a bad situation. 

Like I said I go to Best buy for everything and I am not going to tell you that I don't know the 14 day return rule but this time I am in a bad spot. 

I thought I would write best buy here because I have never asked for anything and always am loyal to you. If you can't help me then I understand, its still my fault for not being there at 6 and checking the times, my life is so stressfull I thought I would make my dad happy but then the computer is a smaller one internally than he already has and now he is on the edge of passing. I know it sounds depressing but now I stand here with the laptop. 

Can you make an exception for one day over? Or is today the 14th day? I am so beside myself. Thank you much for considering, I am happy that I was able to write you at least. 


PS if I get to return it I am buying another one in your store anyways, this ones was open box and was not very clean anyways, thanks.


you can reach me at {removed per forum guidelines} I am in zip code 85379 and its the Best Buy store on Bell road. 

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Re: My life is literally falling apart. It cannot get any worse! I think I am just going to give up.

I am sorry to hear what you are going through. I just lost my dad. Just wanted to let you know that you are strong and can get through this. Don't say that your life is over or something like that. Its never to late to start over think about that. AS far as Best buy, they will understand. I am a loyal customer as well and have a large stock position. Best Buy is a great company. Don't worry, you wil be fine. Best of luck. PS I was in the same exact position a month ago thats why I thought I would reply. Best of luck

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Re: My life is literally falling apart. It cannot get any worse! I think I am just going to give up.

Hello, DominicKing,

Welcome to the Best Buy Forums! Thanks for joining our online community.


I'm sorry that you're going through a difficult time right now, especially with your dad. Sometimes, when things feel dark, it's hard to feel the light of good memories and the care of those who love you. It's understandable that you're feeling pulled a little thin with all of the other things that you have been working through and thinking about.

Generally speaking, our return and exchange period is 15 days on computers for most customers. It's 30 days for My Best Buy Elite members, and 45 days for Elite Plus members. Day one of the return and exchange period begins on the day you receive your product. While I wouldn't be able to guarantee a different outcome, I can reach out to your local store to see if there are any options available to you there. To get started, please send a Private Message with your full name, email address, and phone number. You can find a link to send a Private Message in my signature.


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