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My PS5 was fraudulently picked up by someone else, no ID checked.

My post was deleted... let it be know!

The store manager told me to contact the P***** so they could investigate it. So I did. I called the P******. They went down, did their investigation.. saw it was not me. I have the P**** report number.

Best Buy Customer Care will not replace the PS5 or refund me. So... I will be contacting my credit card that it was paid on and file a dispute to have it refunded. Then I will be contacting the three letters that are like AAA.. but not CCC but inbetween that... I probably would get in trouBBBle if I mention those letters.. so I don't want that. 


Oh.. then I will be also contacting the... can I saw AG? Or is that against TOS? Ok, I wont say the AG... but I will be placing a complaint that Best Buy is fine with orders being placed online.. and doesn't care who picks them up.. as long as they get picked up.. ALL IS GOOD!

I've probably spent 20-30k lift time there... Best Buy has lost me as a loyal customer... my wife... my mother in law.. and so many others. 

All because they refuse to do the right thing. They are sticking to their guns.. that because the item was picked up... everything is OK!... ignore the part that someone else that IS NOT ME.. picked it up.. no need to bring that up.. 


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Re: My PS5 was fraudulently picked up by someone else, no ID checked.

Update. I got the P*lice Report. I saw a picture of the young kid who fruadulatnely picked up the PS5 that I bought. I'm about 6'2, 238 pounds white male.. lets just say... no way we would pass off as brothers. I must say, he had a nice "can't believe this worked" grin across his face!

I am waiting to hear back from the credit card company as they "investigate" the matter. Its clear as day what happened. Apparently this kid may have done this a week before as well! It states in the report that he was seen the week before picking up a PS5 as well! 

Seems like a slam dunk case. Looking forward to getting my money back. I'd rather the right thing happen and be get what I paid for.. but at this point.. I'll be happy to move on.

I'd suggest to everyone.. if you can not simply go into the store to make a purchase... do not place an online order. Their is guarentee that you will be able to pick it up. Anyone can some how get access to your bar code and pick up your order.. at which point... the store and customer care are ok with that... because it was picked up. 


Lesson learned! I hope no one else learns this tough lesson like I did.

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Re: My PS5 was fraudulently picked up by someone else, no ID checked.

Hello, Hughes83,


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums!


I appreciate you taking the time to write us regarding your purchase experience, and awaiting for a response. We've been busier than normal, and are working hard to get back to everyone. This sounds a bit concerning, as we try to pride ourselves in ensuring we provide great customer service. This is not the experience we want for you or any of our customers.


I'd like to look a bit further into this for you. Will you please send me a private message with the order number, your full name, phone number, and e-mail address? To send it, click on the blue "Private Message" button next to my signature. I look forward to hearing back from you.



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