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Most Horrible Customer Service Experienced

Never, Never, Never ... have I been so disappointed at the lack of customer support and the incompetence when it comes to Best Buy customer service. Today, I walked into the locak Best Buy store to pick up an online order and I also went in look for a couple of $5.99 Blu-ray movies and had intending on buying more. The $5.99 Blu-ray I purchased for in-store pickup will factor into this experience.


Well, I walked into the store and started looking from the front of the store back to the movies department. Could not fiind any of the $5.99 bins that Best Buy typically sets up for the sale. What makes this so odd is that these Blu-rays must have been in the store because they had to pull the $5.99 Blu-ray that I ordered online from somewhere (this happened once before when Best Buy advertised Krypton Season 1 for $12.99. None were on the shelves and the Blu-ray was sitting in the stockroom in the back (how does Best Buy expect to sell Blu-rays if they are not on the shelf and they are sitting in the backroom). What makes this so offensive is that Best Buy employees typical response is 'if it's not on the shelf, then we don't have it". How many of you can attest to that often used excuse?


Well, there I stiod, circling around the three small Blu-ray aisles, leaning against some shelves, hoping that someone would see strange behavior from a customer and offer to help. Did that work? Nope. 20-25 minutes passed by and not a single employee asked if I needed help. One of the Blu-rays I had thought about purchasing? I placed it back on the shelf and started to walk out of the store. When I did encounter an employee and asked if he worked "in this department" he replied "sorry, I work in the computers department".




He didn't even bother to see if he could some help in hunting these Blu-rays down. ON my way out, not even the assetts protection employee at the front door nor the Supervisor who was at the front door respond as to why the "on sale" Blu-rays that were listed on your website and listed them as 'being in stock" in your store. I wasn't impressed and it wasn't even that busy in your store.


What made this worse is that, someone always asks me "do you need any help". Not only couldn't I find someone to help but I'm on disability and I get back problems from standing too long on my feet. It was just very unprofessional that in 20-25 minutes, not a single employee came walking through or around the movies and music department. The excuse the supervisor on the floor gave me was that "all employees are paired off" whichy is odd because it wasn;t all that busy. The only thing Best Buy did was save me from spending any money in your store.


I just wasn't impressed by the service that Best Buy is always so focused on. Best Buy had plenty of employees in the store at the time and the one employee I did stop couldn't even be bothered to call for some assistance.

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Re: Most Horrible Customer Service Experienced

Hello, Nikkai,


Welcome back to the forums.My father has a disability that makes it hard to stand for long periods of time, so I can understand what a terrible experience this must have been for you. We never want to leave a customer unserved, and I'm sorry that we didn't work to help you here.


Can you please send me a private message by using the link in my signature with your name, email address, phone number, and the time and store location of your visit? That will help me document this so we can provide superior service going forward.



Kyle R|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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