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More than a month later, i still have not had my money refunded back to me.

Hello, here is the issue that i am having. Bare with me as it is slightly confusing.


Back in early May, i wanted to get a new freezer due to the Corona virus pandemic and also to have more storage space in the future, i was looking to get a 7 cubic foot one and Best Buy had a nice Insignia brand unit that i kept my eye on. It finally came in stock on May 28th in my area, so i placed a online order for it and picked it up on May 31st.


Here is my problem. The freezer did not work properly - it only got down to 20f and obviously that is not adequate for freezing food. I still wanted a freezer though, so i called the 1-888-Best-Buy number to see what could be done about the issue.


The representive on the phone said that she could not setup a replacement at the store because they sold out already, but she informed me that there was a city 100 miles away that had one in stock and that she could give me a 10 percent discount for the iconvenience as well. I was very hesitant about it due to the distance, a dislike of giving my card info over the phone, and i was unsure if my trailor could go the distance and back since it is a older unit. But i said ok and she processed the order over the phone.


The woman promised me that i would recieve text messages about the phone order and it's status, i never did recieve any text messages and i did not pick it up either so i figured that the order was cancelled. It turns out that it wasn't and that is why this is a mess.


Meanwhile, i returned the freezer that i DID have to the store. I arrived a minute before closing time and the rep asked me for my phone number to process the return - i did not catch it at the time but the store gave me a refund for the purchase that was purchased over the phone [a item i NEVER picked up] and they did not give me my money back for the freezer that i actually did pick up and returned...


This has been a problem for close to a month and a half now.


This is what i have done to try and get my money back from "Best" Buy...


***Around June 14th - I called the 1-888-Best-Buy number and the rep told me to go instore and talk to the customer service department. So i went and did that. The woman was not helpful at all, so told me that i was refunded, and i had to explain it to her multiple times that i was refunded for a freezer in another city that i NEVER picked up. And i was not refunded for the one that i did pick up. She told me to call corporate, so i was ping ponged once again. Wasting my time, my gas, and dealing with associates who do not care at all because it's not their money [this is what it seems like]. 


***On June 15th, and i have a chat transcript of the conversation to back it up too, i did the Best Buy chat option to see if the issue could get resolved that way. The rep promised me that the issue is now resolved and that i would be credited back the near $300 to my credit card during the next billing cycle. It is now close to the middle of July and i never was credited back obviously, so the rep is lying to customers. I have the chat transcript and it includes his name if needed,


***Today July 10th. I checked my credit card statement and i noticed i was not credited back. I also noticed that my Best Buy account still shows the freezer on there as "picked up" and not refunded. So i called corporate yet again - she told me that she cannot help me so that i HAVE to go back to the Best Buy store again.


She also told me that on her end, it says someone picked up the freezer 100 miles away from me, i never did pick that up so whatever is happening at that store sounds shady. Again, i did not recieve any text messages either about the phone despite the rep on the phone telling me i would recieve them. Ultimately, i just want my money back and to stop having to be ping ponged around by your various customer service departments...


If any rep can help me i would *really* appreciate it.


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Re: Open-box purchase - Openbox promise

I had a almost identical experience myself when purchasing a "satisfactory" condition TV. It did not include the legs which even the listing for fair condition states that fair may be missing the legs, meaning satisfactory should have them. It also did not include the remote and like you, i kind of let that go despite feeling that it also should have been included.


In this case, calling the 1-888-Best-Buy number helped me out and the rep gave me a account credit that covered the price of buying TV legs. If you havn't done so yet, you should call their 1-888 number.

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Re: More than a month later, i still have not had my money refunded back to me.

Bumping this up as i need help with this issue still.


I really don't want to have to drive back to the store for a issue that was not something i created, and especially when i was already promised a full refund nearly a month ago and i have that in writing.

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Re: More than a month later, i still have not had my money refunded back to me.

Hello, Peonp,


Welcome to our community forums. I can certainly understand wanting to to make sure you receive this refund. I would be glad to take a closer look at this for you.


I'd like to start by reviewing your previous case history. I will need a bit more information to do that. Can you please send me a private message that includes your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number


You can send me a private message by clicking the blue button at the bottom of this post across from my name. I'll keep an eye out for your message.

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