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Missing refrigerator, order shows Delivered

On 4/10/21, my wife and I visited the Best Buy Outlet in Moreno Valley, CA and purchased a Kitchenaid KDTM604KBS dishwasher and Samsung Family Hub RF22N9781SR refrigerator.  We scheduled delivery for later the next week on 4/16/21.


Upon delivery day, the delivery people arrived within the window, however the refrigerator that was delivered was not at all what was ordered.  Instead of the Samsung refrigerator, we received an LG refrigerator with what looked like it was missing door handles. We refused delivery of the refrigerator, and was told that someone from Best Buy will contact us to assist in resolving the refrigerator issue.  The delivery guys took the LG refrigerator and loaded it back onto the truck.  The delivery guys showed us that our name was on the packaging around the fridge, and said that someone had wrapped up the wrong fridge for us.  We drove back to the Best Buy outlet in Moreno Valley to see if maybe the fridge was still in the store, however we did not see it on the sales floor.  We spoke to the rep in the store whom was very friendly, however wasn't able to resolve anything for us.


We got a call about 30 minutes later saying that unfortunately they couldn't do anything that day because the order needed to complete overnight but that on Saturday they can reschedule the delivery of our refrigerator.  Someone would call us on Saturday 4/17 to follow up.


Saturday at about noon, I noticed that my order now shows as 'DELIVERED' and complete, when in fact we refused the delivery of the fridge!  I called into the Geek Squad number and the rep tried to contact the warehouse to get the order changed out of Delivered status so that they could re-schedule the delivery of our refrigerator.  Unfortunately they were not able to, and the rep tried to put in a request to locate our refrigerator so that it can be rescheduled. The department that handles these requests I was told is closed on the weekends, and that someone will call me on Monday to follow up. I was given a ticket number for follow up.


Monday comes and by 3:30pm, still no call from Best Buy so I call in again. After getting no where with the rep, she indicates to me that it takes 72 (business) hours from the time of when the request was entered until follow up.


Now it is Wednesday 4/21, and still no phone call from Best Buy.  I call into Best Buy again...and am told by the rep to still expect 24-36 hours from today until someone reaches out to me.


What is going on!? Why does it take almost a full week for someone to get in touch with me about my missing refrigerator? Meanwhile, my order shows delivered, has been charged to my credit card, and we have no refrigerator in our house.  Can someone from Best Buy research and please get back to me?

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Re: Missing refrigerator, order shows Delivered

Hello, ronus20!


Thank you for joining our community here on the Best Buy Forums. As a refrigerator is a constantly used appliance, I can understand wanting to receive the correct unit and to get it up and running ASAP.


I am happy to look into this further! To start, please send a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address, along with the order number (if you have it). You should be able to do this by clicking the blue button near my signature. 



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Re: Missing refrigerator, order shows Delivered

Since I was unable to resolve this privately with Best Buy Support, I'd like to provide an update so others can read about the entireity of the situation.  Let me preface this with the small bit of info that my wife has Lupus, and a reason we refused the wrong fridge is it had pull out drawers for the freezer which makes it difficult for my wife to pull out.  This is why we are sticking with the 4 door model of the original Samsung we ordered and not able to change styles...


After hearing no update, I give Best Buy a call back on 4/23 to inquire on a status update.  It has now been 1 full week from the point at which the incorrect refrigerator was refused upon delivery; and no refrigerator in our home.  They're not able to provide much help other than the fact that they will submit another ticket to the warehouse to try and locate our item so that delivery can be rescheduled.  I'm told the warehouse will reach out to me on Saturday with an update.


Saturday 4/24 comes and goes, and finally after not hearing from Best Buy I give a call at 5pm PST to try and get some more information.  I'm told that the previous tickets submitted weren't submitted via the proper channel, and that is the reason no one has reached out to me yet.  She informs me that she will re-submit the ticket and I should hear from someone by Tuesday 4/27.  I'm starting to lose hope that my item will be delivered, so I go onto the website and try to purchase the same item, in New condition, in anticipation that Best Buy may be able to provide a discount or something on the new item.......NOPE!  Delivery is scheduled for 5/8.


Well....Tuesday 4/27 comes and goes, and still not a single phone call from Best Buy!  I give another call back into Best Buy on Wednesday 4/28.  The first phone call I was disconnected after waiting 1 hr 10 minutes on hold.....this was in the process of asking the representative if I could speak to a supervisor to get some answers as it has now been almost 2 weeks with no refrigerator.  In the transition of him transferring me to a supervisor, the call "accidentally" gets disconnected.  So I call right back and speak to another rep, who instructs me that I should go back to the store since they will ultimately be the one to provide the refund should my item not ever arrive.


No one at the store answers the phone, so we had no other option than to drive to the store.  We drive 30 minutes to the store, only to find they have no comparable item on the floor in order to accomodate us, and inform us that we should be dealing with Geek Squad and/or Customer Service to assist with the locating of our item.  At this point I'm convinced that no one at Best Buy knows what to do.  The store manager is polite and tells me he will call by the end of the week of our item somehow shows back up in the store during their shipments for the week.


Finally, on 4/30, I get a call from the store manager that the item never showed up, and that they will go ahead and refund the item as it's now been 2 full weeks since the incorrect item was delivered.  Meanwhile I still have my new order in the system, scheduled for delivery on 5/8, another 8 days until delivery....


The next morning, on 5/1, I get an e-mail from my new order that I needed to reschedule my delivery as the item will not be available for delivery as anticipated on 5/8.  I call into Best Buy, and am told that my item will not be available until May 18th.  I reluctantly agree to proceed with the order as I had no other choice.


Each day goes by I'm hoping for a miracle update of some kind, as we still have no refrigerator in the house.  Then on May 7th, I notice that Best Buy is selling a newer model of the same refrigerator, with available schedule delivery of May 10th!  I cancel the order of the model not expected until 5/18, and again ask the rep on the phone if they can somehow discount the new model due to the inconveniences we've encountered......NOPE! Not even a 10% discount or anything.  Instead they mention that they may be able to accomodate in the form of a gift card once my item is finally delivered so that they can insure "they customer is taken care of".  


Finally, on May 10th, the refrigerator is delivered and we now have a refrigerator in the house after 24 days, 14 calls into customer service (with no promised phone calls to me ever being returned) and almost 8 hours on the phone over the course of those 14 calls.


Now comes the part where Best Buy tries to take care of the customer for all of the inconvenience.....our original purchase was $2,300 for the open box, we had to spend an extra $1,700 to get the same refrigerator (new one, list price $4,049.00)........they offer a gift card that is less than 15% of the additional $1,700 we had to spend on top of the $2,300 for the open box item.  Had they discounted the new item by even 10%, it would have been more beneficial to us as that would have been $400 off.  But to offer a fraction of the cost of the additional $ we had to spend, because someone in their store wrapped up the wrong refrigerator for delivery, and put us without a fridge for 24 disgusting.


I refused the gift card, as I would rather not spend any more money at Best Buy if that is what they consider "taking care of the customer".