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Missing phone order

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Im addressing you in reguards to a missing phone order, and my very horrible experience working with customer service resolve this issue.  The oreder # in question is, {removed per forum guidelines}, and the the tracking # i recieved is, {removed per forum guidelines}.  I initially ordered the iPhone xs Max around the 15th, through a mobile representative over the phone.  I was told I would see my order by the 16th.  I was emailed a tracking # and given an arrival date.  The phone did not show on that date or the dates the expected arrival changed to.  I contacted Ups on the evening of the 18th and was told that they had never received the package from Bestbuy.  I then immediately called Bestbuy and spoke to a gentleman (I believe his name was Ande, but I couldn't understand him very well).  At this time the phone was still showing available in stock to reorder.  During our entire conversation I felt like he was just trying to get me off of the line.  He didn't offer to look into the whereabouts of my order when I asked, or to reship it.  I also had to ask him 3 time to confirm that Ups indeed had not received the phone.  He told me to wait until Tuesday the 22nd and it would definitely arrive.  Had he simply reordered my phone and started a claim, or transferred me to someone who could, I wouldn't be writing this now.  Tuesday arrives and, of course the phone does not show up, and is now no longer in stock to reorder.  Ups still has not received it, so the next day I contact Bestbuy again.  I proceeded to spend over 3 hours on the phone, and had to repeat myself to at least 15 different people.  My call was dropped 4 times during all of this (I had full bars at the time of the call, so I don't believe it was on my end), and transferred to the wrong department numerous times.  About 2 and a half hours into this, I finally spoke with Carly, who created a claim to look into where my order went.  She also spoke with her manager who offered me 10% off my next phone purchase.  Which at this point, if my phone cant be located, due to the numerous mistakes, poor customer service and waste of my time, I don't feel is an appropriate amount.  She then transferred to another department to discuss a refund and the cancellation of the phone contract.  It was, of course the wrong department.  I was eventually transferred to Ricardo, who, while his department was unable to assist me with the return or discussing additional compensation, did explain the claim to me.  He gave me the claim # and told me, at the latest I should be contacted with in 72 hours.  It's been over 96 hours not including the weekend and I have not been contacted in any way.  He then transferred me to another department that could not help me.  After that I spoke with a trainee,  who cut me off mid sentence, to transfer me yet again.  At that point I spoke with Araya, who was just aweful.  I explained my situation, told her very specifically what I needed help with, and asked that she transfer me if this was the wrong department.  She proceeded to waste another 15+ minutes of my time before informing me that this was the wrong department.  She then told me to call the main phone # back, to wait on hold yet again, and ask for mobile primary services.  She repeated this several times after I told her I thought I had already spoken with them at some point and they had passed me on.  I had to ask her to transfer me to the department, which she very begrudgingly did.  I spoke briefly with another representative from that department before being the call was cut off again.  I gave up at that point as, during all of this, my severely autistic son had been becoming more and more anxious and finally stated having a meltdown.  I decided to wait to hear the status of the claim.  Of course, as I said, no one has contacted me though it's well past the 72 hour time frame.  Id also like to say that at no point was I belligerent during this 3+ hours on the phone, though I was very frustrated by the end of it.  All I would really like is the phone I ordered to show up.  If that's not possible I need someone  to assist me with my refund and cancellation of the phone contract, as well as discussing a reasonable discount that covers more than taxes on a new phone.  This hasn't been mildly inconvenient for me.  Its been a serious disruption to my life.  With my son's disability, I don't have hours to waste on the phone without my problemeven being resolved. I will also have to spend my time returning accessories that were purchased for this particular phone.  My current phone has actually been having problems, which is why I ordered a new one, so having to wait weeks for a new one has been a real problem.  I called again yesterday the28th since I was not contacted about the created claim in the 72 hour window I was promised. The call was dropped.
I called again today to check on the case # and get a refund issued and my contract cancelled. I was on the phone for nearly 3 hours again. Shuffled from department to department being told that I could not recieve a refund and to wait for them to contact me about the case# though with no expected time frame for that. Then told the contract needed to be canceled before I could be issued a refund transferred only to be told the opposite from that department.
I was also sent to apple care twice, who have nothing to do with orders and refunds, and having to call back and start over again both times. When I finally spoke with an associate who seemed to know what they were doing and at listened to what I was saying to them, the phone went to static. I think it was maybe his headset, as I was on our landline and the call continued for another 7 minutes before hanging up, I wasn't sure if I was just on hold. He had said he was going to issue a new claim since the first one wasn't done properly. I finally wrote the BBB since Bestbuy is unable to refund me for an item I never recieved.
I have a feeling I'm going to need to contact my bank for a charge back and contact my phone company to address the contract issue. I hope I get a response from someone who can actually help me resolve this. Ive never had a worse customer service experience, and having been a customer during the Sprint/nextel merger, that's saying something.
Needless to say, I'm extremely upset with the recent phone calls, but the worst part is that had the employee I spoke with on the 18th, while this product was stll available, actually helped me and reshipped my order, the entire situation would have never occurred.  Also please don't respond to this if your only advice is to call one of the customer service numbers again. Ive called them all and spoken with every department available. The only thing I can think to do next is contact a store to get a district managers phone # or send a letter to the corprate address since they have no direct email or phone #. I can see why after this experience.

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Re: Missing phone order

Good afternoon, Alkcjk3,


Thank you for taking the time to visit our community forums. I know I've purchased my last several phones online and can understand your frustration to encounter so many problems when trying to get help with this order. We strive to provide expert service no matter how you contact us and I apologize that this has not been your experience so far.


Using the information associated with your forum account I can see your contact to the Better Business Bureau. One of our Executive Support Specialists will be to the Better Business Bureau soon.



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