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Mechanicsville VA _ NINA is the WORST

Hi Best Buy Team,


I visited your Mechanicsville, VA store located on Battle Hill to drop off a receive to be repaired. After multiple calls to the store and requests to speak to live at the store, I was repeatedly transferred to the Geek Squad customer service line and had to hold for over an hour to speak to a Geek Squad agent. The agent advised that my receive would have to be dropped of and sent out for repair as they did not service receivers in store. When I visited the Best Buy this evening, I was greeted by NINA and I advised that I simply need to drop off a receiver for repair. She advised that I needed to make an appointment. I asked "I need an appointment to drop off?" She confirmed Yes and that the next appointment was in 2 hours. I politely asked to speak to a manager as this was unacceptable. Nina's demeanor changed and she rudely advised that it didn't make a difference and that the manager was busy. I then asked for her to get the manager again. She walked to the back and returned to the advise that she told the manager and that they MAY come out but insisted that I make an appointment. I told her I'll wait to speak  to a manager. Needless to say, the manager never came out and sent a brand new employee (Evan) out to assist me. Evan was very helpful and took in my equipment in less than 5 minutes. 


Best Buy - You need to DO BETTER! As an elite member or any customer level, I do not expect this level of . Its unacceptable


NINA needs some people coaching skills. I understand its one thing to follow policy by the book, however, in a service industry, customer service should be the primary focus. It was clear that I was upset and she only escalated the situation. At the very least, she only needed to explain the policy ONCE and say to the effect of "let me see what I can do".


There is clearly disconnect between what Geek Squad customer service is advising customers and what is actually occurring in the store. The expectation needs to be set up front that an appointment needs to be made for drop offs.


Lastly, the fact that the Geek Squad manager never came out to speak to me is very concerning. What kind of operation is the store running? How can a manager not want to speak to the customer to make the situation right? Once a company stops listening to consumers, that's when you lose them. As an elite member, I spend way too much money in Best Buy to deal with this nonsense encountered this evening. If Best Buy is to busy to listen to the customers, then maybe I should take my business elsewhere.

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Re: Mechanicsville VA _ NINA is the WORST

This post is giving me major baby boomer vibes.


You didn't have an appointment. Other people did, which is why there were no slots available. You mention that "customer service should be the primary focus" yet only seem to care about yourself as a customer and not your fellow customers who did have an appointment, which would have to be rescheduled to accommodate you (maybe you're more important than them?).


Appointment-based systems are industry standard. Go to the Apple store, a Microsoft Store, or any carrier phone store and they would tell you the exact same thing. You can make an appointment in seconds online, in person, or over the phone.


The appropriate, less self-righteous reaction to being told you need an appointment would be "Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't know I needed one. When is the next available?" rather than demanding a manager and then expressing your anger on an online forum.


In the end, however, I'm happy to hear they were able to get your computer checked in.



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Re: Mechanicsville VA _ NINA is the WORST

Hi there, Speedracer623,

Welcome to the Best Buy Forums and thank you for taking the time to write in to us and share your experience.

Best Buy aims to provide world class service, and we never intend for any of our members to feel this way. I can certainly understand wanting to have your receiver repaired as soon as possible!

To ensure our Geek Squad Agents have time set aside to meet your needs, we ask that you schedule a reservation prior using our online Scheduler. Once an appointment is scheduled, you should receive an email confirmation. This should help any future services you may require go smoothly. We appreciate your loyalty with Best Buy and for trusting Geek Squad with your device. Thank you for providing feedback regarding your recent visit, and we hope that we have the opportunity to better serve you in the future!

Best Regards,

Alyssa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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