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May I trade in my black PS4 Slim 1TB for an Xbox Series X

Just a dumb question. If It’s the case, should I tell the person for the console that I want after I trade it in depending on the value of the PS4 Slim?
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Re: May I trade in my black PS4 Slim 1TB for an Xbox Series X

Per here:


PS 4 Slim is not specifically mentioned. However at the time of looking it up a regular PS4 Black color with all the accessories currently has a trade in value of 165. Please note that trade in values flucuate day to day and you are not guaranteed a price. Other factors may affect your trade in. It would be best to go to your local Best Buy store with the complete system and see if you can trade it in.


When trading in a system or prepping it for trade in, be sure to delete all personal info on the machine before taking it in should your trade in be accepted and you accept the value of it. 

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