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Manager in Allen Park - Tyler

Hey Tyler (I know you wont actually read this) -


I went into best buy to price match "EVGA - GeForce RTX 2060 XC Ultra Gaming 6GB GDDR6 PCI Express 3.0 Graphics Card with Dual HDB Fans" for $30 cheaper (429.99 to 399.99 at Newegg).


Now that I have read your website, I realize these are physically the same GPU, except you guys changed the model # by 1 to make it a "Best Buy Exclusive". I guess this translate to "We did this to not have to honor our 'Price Match Guarantee'". Besides that hugely unethical business decision, my complaint is about something different.


When Tyler came over to do the price match, he didnt even look at me. He looked at the model # on the box and the one on the screen, said "No the model #s are different". I then asked "What is the difference between the 2 cards?" At this point I didnt know you guys hand just changed the model #, I was actually interested. Maybe the clock speed was higher and was worth the additional $29.99.


Instead Tyler said "Couldn't tell ya" and walked away without ever even looking at me.


Well, I "Couldn't tell ya" how Tyler got a manager position. How is this an acceptable behavior?


This is my first customer complaint in 6 years. I dont care about your unethical price matching policy, thats fine. I am sure this was a business decision made for some logical reason. The decision to make "Tyler" a manager on the other hand, how? I would show more respect to someone who asked me the time on the street than "Tyler" showed to me as a customer.

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Re: Manager in Allen Park - Tyler

Greetings, garevigi,


Welcome and thank you for sharing your experience with us on the Best Buy forum. The Price Match Guarantee can be a great way to save money, so I’m glad you’re aware of that as an option. Regarding matching model numbers, as you’ve mentioned, that is a requirement to qualify for a price match. You can see the more about qualifying for a price match on our website here.


While I understand that you’re unhappy that the price match you requested was not qualifying because the model number was not the same, denial of that price match would be the correct answer. That being said, we do strive to treat all our customers with respect and I’m sorry if you feel this didn’t happen in your interaction with Tyler.


I’d be happy to ensure that your feedback about the price match guarantee and your experience in store can be recorded here at the Corporate Office. Best Buy takes customer feedback seriously and it can be used to influence coaching opportunities or changes in the future. So that I can get started on that, can you please send me a private message with some additional information? I’ll need your full name, phone number, and email address. To keep your information secure, you should be able to select the “private message” option in my signature below.


Thank you,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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