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Logitech and manager fail

Hello, I'm not looking for customer support at this time. I'm done with BB. After 25 plus years of giving my business and more money than I can count to this company, I'm over it. I am simply writing to educate you. Since I cannot send anyone in the corporate office I will write it here without any expectation of a reply. I mean, why should a 50 billion dollar a year company bother with a simple individual?


I would tell you why I would if I were the CEO...repeat business.


The short story here goes along the lines of a man buying his daughter an iPad case from a well know brand at a very well known company for her tenth birthday. This man has purchased computers, monitors, gaming consoles, smart home tech, Apple Watches and accessories, many phone cases, appliances, dash get the picture. Over decades a young man grew into an adult who loves tech and spends money. With a big competitor known as CC going under, BB became the go to. Fast forward to the birthday gift. Two keys fell out of the keyboard of this $100 iPad case within a month and a half. The man was not happy but chalked it up to a glitch and meant to order replacement keys. But, in under six months, three more keys fell out for a total of five. The man figured for such an expensive case BB would replace it and send the defective unit to the manufacturer. Instead, the manager leaned up against the front desk and simply said it was out of the return window. When the man tried to explain his position the manager stated "That's the way it goes" or something along those lines. The man, out of frustration, threw the case in the garbage next to the manager and 'ate' the hundred dollars. The man assured his daughter he would buy her something else SOMEWHERE else. It should be noted that the man had just picked out a nearly $300 gaming monitor for his son's birthday. Needless to say the man did not buy it at BB but instead purchased the item through BB's main competitor that delivers quick and returns without hassle. Their company starts with an A. 


How much does BB figure they lost with my future purchases? How much for each person I tell about this? Each review I write? My daughter may be young but she will remember. She will remember a lazy manager didn't want to take the time to fix a problem but instead chose an easy way out by citing 'policy' and doing nothing which will eventually cost BB thousands of dollars...all over a $100 iPad case. That may not seem like much for a company with astronomical fiscal sales but I can guarantee companies don't fall by mismanagement of funds and assets alone. Your customer base is what builds you into a fiscally solid company. It's what keeps you fiscally solid. If they start leaving one by one due to mistreatment and poor products, especially in this day and age, then the cracks in the dam start to add up. I've spent years managing retail stores and bars/restaurants. I always made it a point to take care of the customer. Repeat business IS the business. It's what helped BB grow since their '66 beginnings when they were Sound of Music. Somewhere along the line BB seems to have forgotten that. 


Farewell, BB. Thanks for the memories. 



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Re: Logitech and manager fail

There return period is 15 days, clearly stated on the receipts and signs in the stores. Many items have manufacturers warranties where you can contact the manufacturer for help or if you purchace a service plan BB could help. Although you may need an accidental damage plan in this case as those keys dont fall out on thier own, it takes some force to pluck them out.
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Re: Logitech and manager fail

Hi, GR40,


Thanks for taking the time to post about your experience to our forum. I understand you mentioned you are not seeking customer support at this time, but I wanted to follow up. When a loyal customer writes to us about an experience that has deterred them from choosing Best Buy in the future, we want to address the situation, learn more, and assist as necessary.


I hate to hear about what happened with the iPad case you purchased for your daughter. I can understand expecting this purchase to last a while, as I would expect the same. In the event that there's an issue with a product purchased outside of its return and exchange period, we encourage our customers to contact the manufacturer to see if there is any kind of manufacturer warranty on the item.


If you'd care to send me a private message including your full name, email, and phone number, I'd be happy to document your experience in our corporate system.


All the best,

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