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Local store not honoring price match

I was very disappointed with an experience today at your Best Buy store in Avon, OH.  I was purchasing a TV at Walmart across the street from the store, they only had one of the televisions in stock.  It was a Samsung television, Model# UN75NU6900FXZA.  I wanted to replace several TVs so I checked to see if this model was carried at Best Buy and if the Avon, OH store across from Walmart had any in stock.  The website stated they had 2 and I called the store to verify.  While on the website, I also read thru the Price Match policy and it appeared this TV would qualify for a match.  My understanding is that qualifications are the following:
  1. Identical to the competitor's product - SKUs for Walmart and Best Buy are the same/same product.
  2. Immediately available at a qualifying online retailer, or a local competitor - per screenshot taken today and saved from Walmart, TV listed in stock for local pick up at Walmart across from the Best Buy store in Avon, OH. (screen shot can be provided - it would not attach here.  It does show date/time capture on my computer).
  3. Not shown on our exclusions list - Item was on special buy not clearance and did not show up on the exclusion list online.
When we arrived at the store, we met with Kailen in TVs and asked about a price match.  She right off the bat said no.  We asked her why and she stated she would need to check with her manager.  She then came back to us and stated they could not honor the price match even though it appeared to meet the criteria.  When we asked why, she stated that they could not take that much of a loss on the TVs.  I told her we knew Best Buy to be an ethical company and stand by their policies; we understood the price was low (more than 50% off Best Buys price) and could understand that everyone is looking to make money. We asked that they try to work with us on the pricing in good faith of their price match policy posted on their website and in their store.  We asked about a discount, for the purchase of the two TVs they had in stock.  We were told the only discount they could offer would be 10% off the purchase price if we opened a Best Buy credit card.  So basically no effort on part of the store to honor the price match policy.
We use Best Buy for our business and personal purchases throughout the years as we have always been impressed with quality and service provided on your products.  I am concerned that what we loved most with your company is no longer a priority if stores are not following the corporate policies or at least, making a good faith effort.
Please advise why your store would not honor the price match policy or what criteria for the price match policy was not met.
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Re: Local store not honoring price match

Because Walmart was out if stock sence you purchased Thier last one they would be unable to price match it.
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Re: Local store not honoring price match

Hey, pinkfrost001,


Thanks for reaching out about the experience you had in our Avon Best Buy store. I am sorry to hear that you had a poor experience in getting this price match. I try to use our price match whenever I can to save a few extra dollars, and I can understand your disappointment here.


Our Price Match Guarantee  states that in order to qualify for a price match, the item must be immediately available. It sounds like, as this was the last TV in stock at the Walmart you visited, the price match would not have qualified, as nckhammond mentioned. I do apologize for any inconvenience as a result of this. 




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Re: Local store not honoring price match

I hadn’t yet purchased the television at WalMart before going to Best Buy. Online and the live internet page I pulled up and showed the associate (which I have screen shot of showing available after I posted this complaint) WalMart still showed the TV in stock and ready for local pick up. I actually did not end up purchasing the tv from WalMart as I needed two of the same tv for specific medical reason of needing TVs in the house with the same remotes.

Please explain as to how something showing available for local pick up at a store across the street is not considered readily available. Anyone could have gone to that WalMart and purchased it and someone did the two days after I posted this complaint by the way. Again I went to Best Buy prior to WalMart.
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Re: Local store not honoring price match

Hi, pinkfrost001,


Thanks for following up with that additional information. As I understand there should have been a TV still available at the competitor's store at the time of your visit to Best Buy, I'd like the chance to review your situation further with my team and the Avon Best Buy store.


To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, phone number, and the links to the TV on both the Walmart website and Best Buy's. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.



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