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Lies by phone support and store

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I called my local Best Buy store (Lacey #1043) at the number listed on the website (360) 412-7451 and go through the maze of prompts just to ask a simple question. I wanted to see if TV recycling was available.  After a 30 minute hold (listening to Christmas music!)  finally talked to a human and he told me that TV recycling was available and I asked him about any charge and he said no – it was free.  I asked for verification of no charge and told three times it was free.  So I loaded up the TV and a computer screen and drove to the store.  The on duty manager got a couple workers to get a cart and unloaded it and brought inside.  I went back in and the on duty manager (Kathryn) said there was a charge – I told her that I had been told it was free and she said to go to the service desk – I explained to the worker there that I had been told that there was no charge.  He said that there was and I reluctantly paid the $50 (receipt #{removed per forum guidelines} and told him if there was a manager and he sent me back over to Kathryn.   I told her I wanted a number for the regional manager and she refused to provide further assistance.  I told her it was poor business to bait and switch – if I had been told there was a charge up front, it would be a different story.    


I like to resolve differences at the lowest level and it has yet to occur.  I called several times to listed numbers and all I get are un intelligible call receivers located “off shore” who refuse to provide any corporate contacts in the US.    


There is no way that this should be the operating procedure for such a large company as Best Buy which I have done business with for over 30 years.   


If the charge situation was related on the initial call it would be a different story and may have looked at other local options. No but I get lied to and basically get told to either pay up or I could take my items back.    


The continual blow off of not giving higher contacts for resolution is extremely poor – and it gives me reluctance to do further business with a well known company.  Don’t  give the line about Covid, as Covid has nothing to do about customer service.  This has been a total lack of customer respect and service.  


I believe this will result in a form letter that I was stupid to believe about the level of service expected and that my future purchase considerations will result in more losses than the $50 in this transaction.  


Fully expect to get blown off as that seems to be company policy. 


Plus now after send ing the original e- mail I get a "your stupid e-mail" that e-mail contact is no longer supported - so take it down off the web site.  Just another ongoing avoid the customer and have it bounced around by a limited English language call taker "off shore"  


Keep going Best Buy your customers will be in the rear view mirror.

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Re: Lies by phone support and store

Good afternoon, Bat64,


Welcome to our community forums and thank you for taking the time to let us know about your experience Best Buy Lacey. I know how much space older TVs can take up so I can understand wanting to get that clutter out of your house while recycling it at at the same time.


I'm glad to hear that you were able to speak to a store manager at this store. District Managers are not customer facing positions so we would be unable to provide their contact information.


If you ever has questions about our recycling program you can find some more information here. As you mentioned, we charge a $25 fee for TVs and monitors.


I'm disappointed to hear that this experience may change your future purchasing habits. I hope we have another chance to assist you in the future so we can provide a smoother experience. If you need help at that time, please don't hesitate to reach out.



AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Lies by phone support and store

Obviously one of the off shore "representatives" Just another of the ongoing problems of kicking the can. Another chance to "experience" another purchase will be a long time coming. Keep treating the customers like idiots will have you making calls from the IRS / FBI in your future. If the rep had said there was a charge - no problem - but lying 3 times, maybe you need to clean up your customer service and see how quickly there are fewer negative comments. Take a look at the so called forum, the same crap is rampant, lies, lies and more lies. There is a Aeattle area supervisor available and oversee area operations. Keep digging your hole and pull the dirt on top.
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Re: Lies by phone support and store

No way have I accepted this as a solution - just compounding the problem. Keep your ineptness continue and watch your customer base circle tge drain of irrelevance