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Lied to by the best buy rep and then forced to pay for it



I recently bought a TV from Best Buy in Bridgewater NJ. When I purchased the TV, I told the the rep (Marquise) that i would like to mount the TV. He siad OK and rang me up for the cost of the mount and the install. when the team arrived today to install the TV they were suprised to find out the TV was to be mounted above a fireplace. they said its an extra $100 to do so. I said no one told me about the extra cost associated with mounting TVs above the fireplace. the tech said they should have told me that when I bought the TV.


I called Marquise at BB in Bridgewater and spoke to him. He said i still had to pay the $100 because it was MY RESPONSIBILITY TO DISCLOSE THAT INFORMATION. I've never bought a TV from BB. I've never mounted a TV before. This was my first (and last time) dealing with Best Buy. How am I suppossed to know that mounting a TV above a fireplace costs extra! Marquise did not ask the right questions in the store and now I have to pay for it. 


I opened a line of credit with BB to buy the TV. I'll be returning the TV and closing out my account tomorrow as a result of the poor service.