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I went to Best Buy to buy a Sharp 50in TV but the employee convinced me to buy an LG TV.  Do your employees have an incentive to sell LG tvs?  I am suspicious now.  I am thinking of exchanging the TV before opening the box just out of suspicion. 

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You shouldn’t be suspicious, LG televisions are in the top 3 televisions at Best Buy. Sony and Samsung make up the other two. I would hands-down Buy an LG over a Sharp, and as long as the associate took into account every feature you requested/ desired when recommending the LG I would say it is a great recommendation. Doubly so if the price was pretty comparable or even slightly higher.

Sharp exited the North American market and has licensed another company to continue to make TVs here. That’s not to say they are bad, they are a great value brand within the Best Buy tv lineup. I only say this to inform that it is not the same as the Sharp that was producing Quattron panels and Elite televisions a decade ago.
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I agree with jdogg, Sonys are nice but cost more then they should, Samsung's are great sometimes, they tend to be trend setters and do thier own thing, sometimes it works, sometimes not. LG stays pretty mainstream. The sharpe ones seem slightly better then those generic Toshiba fire TV's that Toshiba wont even claim for warranty service.
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Hey there, oodumus,


Thanks for joining our community forums and reaching out to us about this purchase. There's some good answers in this thread which is great because I personally don't know much about TVs. I can tell you that our Blue Shirts do not earn a commission for sales. It sounds like the associate helping you may have been aware of a better fit for what you needed. I hope you enjoy your new TV, please let us know if you have any other questions!

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The TV acually isnt that good. Bas picture quality.  Can I still return it?  I still am suspicious, reminds me of the bait and switch episode in Growing Pains

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Hello, oodumus, 


We certainly want you to be satisfied with your purchase! After all, a television is quite an investment. We are always happy to work within the Terms of our Return & Exchange Promise. If you require additional assistance, please feel free to send a private message. You can do that by clicking the darker blue box next to my name below.


Kind regards,

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