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LG CX TV Exchange/Upgrade

I purchased 55" LG CX Oled TV and would love to exchange it for the 65" Version. It is outside of the 15 day return window, but its only been 30 days. I called best buy and they told me to go into store to chat with manager. I did, and it seemed like the manager thought about it and then turned me away because he didn't want to deal with it. One of your store employees even told me she was shocked the manager didn't accomodate me. I offered to bring TV in the next day, or even pay for a delivery/exchange since I live close by. This was a big purchase that will last a long time, and this moment right now is why out of all the options out there, I decided to purchase TV from Best Buy becuase I thought they would be accomodating if I wanted to exchange an item like this for an upgrade. I have the receipt, TV is in perfect condition, etc... Please help. This is literally why people go to Best Buy, for good customer service in situations like this. I have been a Best Buy enthusiast for a while now, and spend a good amount of money at your store. Yes you can respond and say, "well it's outside of the return window" and turn me down. But I know a lot of company's that put customer satisfaction first, and would be more than willing to do an exchange within this completely reasonable time frame on this type of item. I thought Best Buy was one of those places. Please make an effort to remedy, or else I will go to other more accomodating company's in the future that care about return customers. I really am surprised with Best Buy's response on this situation so far. Not the Best Buy I've come to know. I hope we can turn this around.


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Re: LG CX TV Exchange/Upgrade

Unless you are Elite or Elite Plus your standard return window is 15 days. After that, it is up to the management or supervisor to make exceptions and if they denied you the exchange, their decision would be final and Best Buy would not be able to help with this as the decision was made at the store level.


All stores reserve the right to deny an exchange or return past the standard return window.


If you feel that your trip to the store was not handled in a professional matter, you can have a Best Buy mod take a look at this but please be aware that their word is final as in the store.

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Re: LG CX TV Exchange/Upgrade

If I was that store manager (I don't work for best buy) I would have turned you down also. They would have to sell the 55" as used, if they could sell it at all and would end up loosing money. They don't make much profit on TV's.
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Re: LG CX TV Exchange/Upgrade

Surprised? Why?


You know you're outside the return window, and you know they don't have to accept a return, but you continue to persist and try to return/exchange it regardless... All you could do was ask, and they said no... it should end there. If you feel like Best Buy's return policy is unfair, it's your right to shop where ever you would prefer, but you have to reasonably realize the Best Buy is not doing anything wrong here.

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Re: LG CX TV Exchange/Upgrade

Hey, jbieler,


A TV is usually a large purchase for someone, and I'm sure this is true for you too. I can of course understand you wanting to make sure you have exactly what you want for years to come. It is correct that the return or exchange period is 15 days from the date a customer took possession of their purchase. I would like to look further into this for you. Can you send me a private message with your name, phone number, email address, and order number? To send me a private message click on the message button in my signature.



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Re: LG CX TV Exchange/Upgrade

I am in the same situation I am also past my days just 10 I was going to the store to ask for that same request because I also wanted to upgrade and exchange as well can you let me know how or what your out come was? where you able to solve the situation? 

I bought a tv a month ago and I seen one I also liked and thought i could exhange it and upgrade I missed my dead line etc I havn';t gone to the store yet but was curious of how the outcome went for you.


I have always shopped at Best BUY and I also an elite customer I just wanted to know if they would honor my request as well

Please let me know how you were able to exchange the tv if you were able to.

Thank you


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Re: LG CX TV Exchange/Upgrade

I think your best bet is to try and re-sell it to someone. You may take a loss on the re-sale, but then it would enable you to purchase the larger TV.

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Re: LG CX TV Exchange/Upgrade

It's like you baught a house and next month the one across the street comes up for sale and you want that one doesn't work that way.
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Re: LG CX TV Exchange/Upgrade



Yes, I was past my days on returning and exchange policy for Best Buy I was 10 days past I simply walked into the store where I bought my 75" LG 4K tv and asked the manager if I can make the exchange return/upgrade.


The manager allowed me to make it happen told him what had happen "buyers remorse" and I was able to upgrade to the LG 77 CX for many years to come. I understand it was up to the managers and the policy of Best Buy everything in between etc. I am really glad and of course pleased with the outcome of the sitution if you don't ask you will not know the answer, it's been a few weeks since all of this happen and I am now enjoying the world of OLED.


My take is just ask yes they can say" no "or they can say "yes "to the question but in the end it is up to the manager at the store hopefully this helps others in this situation. 

Thank you for your time.