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Jensen Beach early closing and My appointment

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I just came for a Geek Squad appointment for 2pm today. I was there early, waited my turn, and was greeted this way.

Hi, "I have an appointment"


"I made an appointment for 2 PM"


This is the point where she didn't want to continue talking with me. She actually started to walk away because she was done with me.

"Wait ! Why no call or at least an email??"


I was not yelling in any way. I was animated and becoming disppointed. she walked away again.

"Why didn't you call or email me?"

At this point I was the last person in the world she was going to speak with.

She then told me again,"COME IN TOMORROW AT 10 AM"
She walked away again.

I asked "Since I followed Best Buy's appointment procedures. I drove for 45 minutes to get there early, I can't drop my phone off"

and she walked away again.

Multiple people were coming and going while I was there. She stayed with short DEMANDING tones and statements.

I managed retail stores for 45 years, I would NEVER allow my associates to speak like that to ANYONE.


She said she was some sort of manager.. She certainly was something.


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Re: Jensen Beach early closing and My appointment

While some stores continue to open up, some employees from my understanding do not have to come in due to COVID 19 so it's possible the store adjusted their hours to match the staffing availibilty. 


Also because of the recent events in the news it's possible for safety reasons they have modified their hours to keep their store safe. 

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