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Jabra Elite Sports headphones sold as new, part missing...

Just got home and unboxed Jabra sports headphones bought as new from Colma, CA store. Have pics of unboxing. Thought immediately that initial tape enclosure didn’t look. We but proceeded anyway. When opening the top layer immediately see one ear piece appears missing and others are not paired by type/size. Ok maybe shaken up... nope no missing piece and while inspecting package and taking pictures noticed red glitter. Once my eye caught the glitter then I was able to notice elsewhere on the packing too. This seems an obvious Christmas return and passing it off as new with not all parts is terrible. I trekked to a far B.B. because they were the only one showing as in stock. Now stuck with decision to not use or make another trek or ... what are my options? I did buy geek squad coverage so I assume, if I don’t find earwax on the size I want and they seem to perform as desired that I could use until a close by store gets them in stock then return/exchange for the new pair I paid for? Or should I not use them at all?-( and wait to either return to the far B.B. or the locals get new stock.
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Re: Jabra Elite Sports headphones sold as new, part missing...

Oh also I guess the issue is also I shoukdn’t Have to pay full new price for this.
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Re: Jabra Elite Sports headphones sold as new, part missing...

Hey yamoinca,


Welcome to the forums! I own some Jabra headphones myself and absolutely love them. It’s typically a great purchase. In your case, however, I regret to hear about the condition you found them in.


This truly sounds like a disappointing experience. Simply put, this should not have happened. It seems as though some kind of mistake happened in selling headphones like that. I’m very sorry.


As far as a resolution to this, I want you to be happy with your purchase. I would absolutely recommend stopping by a Best Buy and exchanging them for different, unused pair of headphones. That’s something we should be happy to help with. We will want to make this right for you!



Luke|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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