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Ive been charged 3 times!!

I bought apple airpods pro, which are not available and they are expected to be shipped on Friday. The purchase was made on December 15th. That day I reveived a message from my bank telling me that a purchased for 267 have been made, two days later I received another message telling me that I was charged for 267 AGAIN (I get that maybe the first charge was a pre authorization) but today I received A THIRD message for another 267!!! Why 3 times??? Now I have almost 800$ on hold from my bank account for something that was just 267! What its going on??
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Re: Ive been charged 3 times!!

Hey @Cesarl24


When an order is placed there are pre-authorizations that will show on your account. Once the item ships and shows a completed status, the pre-authorizations should fall off. Please reach out to your bank if for some reason this doesn't happen. 


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