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Issues with General Manager

On the 26th of December I went to your Best Buy (35 E 11400 S 84070), to exchange a gift card that I grabbed by mistake. in which I was treated with a lot of discrimination and as a customer of so many years, I never saw myself in such an embarrassing situation that I was passed one of his so-called "manager" who n or knew how to deal with the situation with the proper height of the case and slander ingelling my person by calling the police without trying to solve the problem with me.
> on December 16th the eve of a very important time of the year, I made myself to buy a gift card supposedly from Best Buy, in my hurry and distraction I saw a touching photo of Mickey and I put money to be able to give away (Best Buy product) nor surprise was the day 25 when I realized that the card was Disney's not best buy how it was my intention when I made the transaction.
> yesterday I haver that first at the door and the IP I asked if it was possible to change the error q I had made, he with great security and respect i replied that yes, I help ed to find a Best Buy card and told me in customer service they would change it , I made a long queue waiting for my turn, cia do i arrive the cashier tray to help me but then tells me to ask me ask my supervisor, he walks away asks and the manger answers no! you can't but you can't even let him explain the guy stands and the so-called "manager" named Kevin, who tells me to come this way!, putting it off the line wn which tells me it's my responsibility and for me to call Disney that he can't do anything and he can't do anything and the tells me that he can't do anything; I ask him if he can call, since I bought in his shop and that i mistakenly take the Disney card, when my intention was to give away a Best Buy card, in which he starts walking and I started talking after him , a moment I need an explanation that I must do in which he provides me a paper with a number 800-Best-Buy and tells me that I expect him that he needs to attend to another client and repeats me, ...... didn't you understand what I said? because I don't understand anything ...... hold on. I see he's headed back, but he's not serving any customers. I walk backwardmorified by the customer service received, then I turn on my camera and repeat to you.... I need to talk to you, he starts walking and tells me to follow him, however as you will see in the video he ignores me goes behind the cash registers, obviously I can't get in, I go to the IP and ask him what's going on because he doesn't want to take care of me , he just replies that he doesn't understand, then he calls you on the radio that I'm waiting. the IP apologizes and tells me to wait since your manager is on the phone, I decide to wait while I talked to my husband and explained what happened, when I am interrupted by a policeman who asks me what is going on, I wrote what I already tell him , he gives me the case number and tells me to talk to him two more cops, like that I was a criminal people look what is a humiliation for me, I demand an apology of the case but the police inform me that he will retire and make my claim by phone to a store manager's superior, it's amazing how a person in charge of a store doesn't have the deal or responsibility to help their customers. I demand an explanation and an apology for the case.

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Re: Issues with General Manager

I think I’ve got the gist of what’s going on here. 3rd party gift cards are considered final sale merchandise and are not returnable under any circumstance. Best Buy gets a small percentage for selling the item and the rest goes to the gift card company. These cannot be unmade, Best Buy can’t reverse the transaction and get the money back to return to you. This is noted in our returns promise which you can find at this link:

There is no way of returning these items, and the manager presented it as such. I can’t tell, but it sounds like the manager made several attempts to explain this to you. Escalating it by following any employees while filming is considered disruptive to business and this would be why the police most likely got involved.
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Re: Issues with General Manager

Hey there, TroyHargett,
Thanks for taking the time to connect with here on our Forums. Reading through your post, it sounds like there may have been some confusion / issues around this purchase. We would love to help however we're able! 

In regards to making this return, our user jdogg836 just about nailed it. We would encourage you to read through his response. As per our Return & Exchange Promise, we wouldn't be able to accommodate this return.


We expect all of our associates to treat all of our customers with respect, and apologize if you didn't experience this. It is accurate that our store leadership can ask someone to leave our property, and authorities may be involved in select cases. We are sorry this experience got to that point.


If there is anything additional we can assist with, please don't hesitate to let us know. 



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