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Issues with Best Buy

On Monday, January 28, 2019, I returned my TV that was still under the holiday return period for Best Buy Elite Plus Members. I go to the store closest to me that had the new TV I wanted in stock. After calling Geek Squad before I go in to make sure that what I wanted to do could be done. I’m assured by the agent on the phone that I can return the LG that I currently have and buy the new Vizio and have the LG picked up when they drop off the new Vizio. Great I head to the store only to find out that NO ONE knew what I was talking about. Took about 45-60 minutes for a “simple” process according to the Geek Squad agent. We get to the delivery date and I am promised by assistant store manager Wes that my TV will be delivered on Friday, February 1st by 1:00 PM. After paying the $453.18 difference between the two TVs and buying another Geek Squad two-year plan, I reiterate to the manager that this TV needs to be delivered by Friday by 1:00 PM because I’m leaving for wedding immediately after. Also made it clear that I was hosting a super bowl party on Sunday and needed enough time to get the TV ready before leaving for the wedding. Again, I am promised my 2/1/2019 by 1:00 PM. I leave the store happy and excited to get my new TV.


Thursday night rolls around and eagerly awaiting my TV I head into work around 8:15 AM. On my way into work, I get a call from the store informing me that they CANCELED MY DELIVERY DUE TO WEATHER! Livid I tell the person on the phone that this was unacceptable and explained why. They told me that they would call me back in the next half an hour before the store closed with a resolution that favored me. A few minutes later I get a robot call stating that my delivery is between 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM for Friday morning. Unsure if it was correct, I call the Geek Squad number only to be informed that everything was in place and that I had nothing to worry about.


7:00 AM rolls around and nothing from dispatch. I call Geek Squad yet again and I’m told it's out for delivery. I wait until 8:55 AM with no word on anything. I call Geek Squad again and this time the agent I spoke with informs me that it was obvious that the order had issues if the previous agents had bothered to look at my account. He regrettably informs me that the order wasn’t processed by the store for delivery and was STILL PENDING STATUS FROM MONDAY! The agent helps me talk with DOD I believe and anything they could do wasn’t going to get me the TV on time because everyone left the center by 7:30 AM. I ask the agent if I can go pick up the TV instead or have someone in house deliver it due to their mistake. He tells me that it shouldn’t be an issue and it's easy to switch an order from delivering to pick up.


I get to the store at 10:00 AM and proceed to talk with the home theater department. They apologize and tell me to take an uber to go get the TV at my house then they’ll get the Vizio ready so it's an easy swap once I get back. In the words of Dave Grohl “I should’ve known” that this was going to be a nightmare. Due to poor phrasing on the swap, I ordered extra uber thinking that they would let me take the Vizio now if my wife stayed in the store while they processed the order. Before I leave it’s agreed upon by the Magnolia manager that they will give me a $60 credit for the uber fairs that I incurred.


I get the LG back in the store and end waiting THREE HOURS to get my new TV. First, they struggled with the basic “return” of the tv to sell me the new one. Then I had to argue with the service lead for over an HOUR about why I had to pay an additional $419 when I left on Monday, I owed nothing. I kept asking her if the money I spent on Monday was refunded to my credit card and that’s why I had to pay the $419 then. She kept stating “No, I didn’t touch that money!” We argued and had both the Geek Squad manager and the Magnolia manager both tell her that she was wrong, and they needed to know where the money went. This woman then proceeds to tell me to my face that I stole another LG tv while I was in the store at that moment. Wildly upset and barely being able to talk due to being sick with a sore throat. I physically DRAW OUT THE BASIC MATH FOR HER ASKING WHERE THE MONEY WENT. Again, met with no resolutions. Eventually, the Magnolia manager walks away saying “uh sir the help desk via the phone will help you.” Then walks away and I never see him again. Another 30 minutes go by and they woman at service tells the help desk that I probably don’t have enough money to spend the $419 and that I don’t know how money works. I hit my tipping point at these snide remarks. I ask her one more time and she says, “oh yeah the money will be back on your card on Friday.” Angry and needing to get home to prepare for a wedding I pay the $419 to get the TV home. I order an uber and head home.


Issues with this transaction:

  • The store never placed the initial order and tried to cover it up
  • Geek Squad lied to me on two different phone calls
  • Never got the $60 credit
  • Spent over $100 on Uber to deliver my own TV because of the store's mistake
  • The stores General Manager not once came up to see what he could do and actively avoided the issue
  • Missed the rehearsal dinner for the wedding
  • Ended up throwing my throat out and not being able to attend the wedding all together due to having to strain my voice for hours at the store.
  • Paid an addition $419
  • Wasn’t given a proper refund for the two-year protection plan that I bought on Monday and only given $68 because it was “pro-rated”.
  • Insinuated that I stole a TV while being in the store.
  • Insulted saying that I didn’t have the money to pay for the TV
  • Insulted that I didn’t understand finances (which is funny because I’m pursuing my MBA in Finance)
  • Managers bailed after the woman kept arguing with them and directed me to a phone. While I was in the store to resolve this issue.

I believe that I was scammed due to being told by the in-store Geek Squad agent that the purchase on Monday was to be refunded back onto cards and then reused to make the order again. None of that happened and I think that someone forgot to swipe the third gift card or that they flat out took and took advantage of the situation. Also, I am shocked by the store manager refusing to come to the desk where I had been for over three hours to get himself involved. I was going to buy a new laptop and Xbox next week from Best Buy. But I’d rather buy it from Razer or Microsoft directly if this is the level of service I can expect from Best Buy. I am turning to the forums in hopes that the MODs on here can do something to get this situated without having to escalate it further. 

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Re: Issues with Best Buy

Hello, JohnSiddiqui,

Welcome back to the Best Buy Community forums. Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us about this. I apologize for the poor experience you had with your delivery, and in the store trying to clear this all up. The service you describe is not at all what we want to provide. 

I’d be happy to look into these transactions for you to see if I can make sure that the financials all line up. I’ll also be sure to document the customer service issues you had, so that we can use your feedback to help provide better service going forward.

Please send me a private message, through the link in my signature below this post. I’ll need your name, email address, phone number, and any order numbers of customer service PINs from the bottom of your receipts that you have.


Kyle R|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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