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Issue with a gift exchange

Dear Best buy,
Recently I received a gift which appears to be incorrect. I got the receipt from the giver and attempt to exchange it at a Best Buy. The package is unopened and I only ask it to be exchanged for an item of equal or greater value (paying the difference of course). However, the experience have not been good.

  1. I called my local Best Buy and is connected with the national number. I wanted to talk to the manager because I wanted to know if I can exchange the item or not. One of the reason is that it may be out of the grace period. I am told that there is no way to talk to a manager directly. I would have to go there in person.
  2. I arrived at the store and talk with a manager at the Schaumburg store, who indicated that it appears to be out of the exchange period, but they could exchange it for something of higher value if i paid the difference, but then they said the receipt did not match what was sent out, so I needed to talk with the store that the giver ordered it from. I think they may have sent out the wrong item since the invoice said 14 inch case while the product is a 13 inch case.

I did not go to the other store. The problem is that I have to make another trip to a further away store and they might not even be willing to do anything about it.

Over the years, I have look for things at Best Buy first instead of buying from Amazon because I wanted to support local. With events like this, it's rather hard to do that. If this is not resolved, in the future, I will just buy stuff from Amazon in the future, since they have a 30 days return policy and I have had less hassle in dealing with returns. When I tell the gift giver of my experience, they may probably do the same. As a result, Best Buy may end up losing 2 customers over a $15-$20 product (I don't know thre value).

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Re: Issue with a gift exchange

I went through several agent


  • Agent 1 on chat said that I had to call the 888 number.
  • The 888 number said I had to go to the store.
  • The store manager said the receipt had incorrect model number. The receipt said INMB100366-GFT, but the actual product delivered is INMB100605-GFT.
  • Contacted 888 number again and they said it can't be fixed.
  • Contacted Chat again, who indicate that they will talk with the executive manager on duty. I should go to the store that originated the order to resolve it.

We will see if this will work, but so far only the last agent was helpful. Let's see if it can be resolved


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Re: Issue with a gift exchange


Thanks for supplying more context to your scenario.  While we’ve responded to your other post, we’re glad to hear that this specific situation regarding a received gift and the receipt in on the path toward a resolution.


If you still require our assistance after receiving  a response, please do not hesitate to reach out us.

Wesley|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Issue with a gift exchange

I talked with the Best Buy today and was able to resolve the issue. Here's my input.


What did Best Buy do right?

1. One of the people on Chat try really hard to fix the issue. In my opinion, even if there is a failure, effort counts. If I see you make attempts to help, then the effort is appreciated.


2.The store manager did eventually refund the item. Keep in mind that I have been priotizing getting stuff at Best Buy instead of Amazon because I wanted to support local, and this is despite Amazon having a more generous return policy. If Best Buy do not occassionally bend a bit, then I would have switch to priorizing Amazon.


3. There seens to be a coherent workflow to the customer support.


4. The store manager was professional and polite.


What could Best Buy have done better?

  1. The operators gave inconsistent message on whether the user can contact the store or not. This inconsistency is also reinforced by the stores. The inconsistent message appeared to have wasted my time in a fruitless trip to the store.
  2. It appears that the wrong item got shipped. This was not apparently immediately because the items were similar. The mismatch hampered returns. Shouldn't the shipping workflow include a scanning of the item to check if it matches the item being ordered before being sent out?
  3. You could use some sort of ticketing system to log the case so that I didn't have to repeat myself. This could have save considerable time on both sides.
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Re: Issue with a gift exchange

After receiving a refund from the mistakenly shipped item from the Bloomingdale branch. I decided to go back and purchase a TV from the store the next day. By refunding, they turn a possible credit card dispute (a lower price item was shipped than what was ordered) to an increase in trust in the store.I will also shopped at the Bloomingdale store from now on, since it appears to have better customer service than the Schaumburg store.


By the way, how can I let the Bloomingdale store of this positive feedback