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Instore Order - {removed per forum guidelines}

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Order 1: {removed per forum guidelines}


I bought this instore order and applied 10% coupon on it.


Order 2: {removed per forum guidelines}


I decided to return Order 1 and buy upgraded produce as part of order 2. I was hoping that i will get 10% coupon for order 2 as i am returning order 1.  Unfortunately, store folks were not able to apply my coupon to Order 2 as it was one time use coupon and they have already applied to Order 1.


When Order 1 is returned, system should release the coupon also.  Not sure why it is not doing the same.



Could you help in applying 10% coupon to Order 2 and return some #s.  Else miniumum provide me another 10% coupon

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Re: Instore Order - {removed per forum guidelines}

Most coupons are one time use. So if an order is cancelled you can't use the coupon any further. It should also state in the terms and conditions you agreed to when applying the coupon the limitations etc.


In any circumstance, Best Buy is not able to restore the use of these one time coupons per the terms and conditions because you returned an order and consumed the coupon on your own will. 

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Re: Instore Order - {removed per forum guidelines}

Hi TippuSultan,


Thanks for reaching out to us here at the Best Buy Community forums about your recent purchases.


As hockeycanuckjc noted, our coupons are almost always set up for a single use. If the item the coupon was used on is returned, the coupon will not be reissued, so we likely would not be able to apply that discount to your second purchase.


I’d be happy to double check on that for you, however, to make sure that’s the case. I’d need a few additional details from you, however, to research this. Please send me a private message by using the link in my signature below this post containing your name, email address, phone number, and the customer service PIN from the return receipt where you returned the original purchase.


Please also let me know the type of coupon you used, as we offer several different variants of 10% off coupons.



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