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Instore IPad purchase turns to lost iPad by ups and a hold on cash for over a month

Well lets see.


October 26th, I went in store to purchase the IPad Pro M2 12.9 1TB 16gb cellular unlocked---heafty price tag!

The product was unavailable in store and the only option was to have it shipped to my house or office.

I took the only option. Kicker- I was leaving for Cancun for a week for my wife's Birthday. The delivery available was for a week after coming back November 11th.


Fast forward to October 31st it was showing that it was suppose to be delivered. Im still in Cancun, i call my office to notify that they will be needing to sign and store my package. Come Thursday I'm sweating what's going on with my package, ups says that its still on the way, Best Buy apparently has no support to calls from Mexico??? Im unable to do anything until i get back stateside. After November 5th. 


I call ups Sunday November 6th and I'm unable to speak to anyone.

Monday November 7th morning I call UPS at 8AM and asked for an investigation and to file for claim. 8:32am ups updates to Claim closed and considered lost. ( the package has not moved since October 31st. Arlington TX ) 


I take time away from my business Monday November 7th from 11-3pm to physically visit and request a refund for the package that was clearly lost (advised by customer service rep via phone.)

I spent countless hours on the phone with customer service and given the run around. It went from yes you can take care of everything in store, to wait well just have to wait, to I've processed a REQUEST for refund by the BACKEND?? Best Buy no longer had the item available to ship or sell period so there is no replacement. The purchase was with gift cards plus credit card, KICKER they want to send refund to the original gift cards used...THE ONE'S THAT WERE THROWN AWAY BY BEST BUY EMPLOYEE. 

Only new news is that Best Buy "BACK END" needs to investigate(ups? CASE IS CLOSED?)


The unobtainable "BACK END". It's also funny there is no customerservice names. All unidentifiable. No claim number was given. No supervisor, No number for back end. Just lies(no seriously i was lied to) . Why would you do this to someone? 


Well i call Friday November 11th in the morning, i was hung up on by customer service before anyone even said anything three times before I decided to just leave my number and take the call when my time in line is up. 

Finally i speak to someone at Best Buy, I'm told that now they need to do an investigation (old news.) Then that i need to contact UPS. For further information... What could i possibly tell them?!!?!!??


Well its now Monday November 14th I called UPS to see what if anything they could possibly need from me.

UPS stated that they have contacted BEST BUY there is no information for me to update, and that that i needed to contact Best Buy to work with getting the refund. SO, Monday 14th @ 10AM i contacted BEST BUY, I've been told that the back end office will receive a request for refund, that the updated Refund should be noted for the gift card balance, and that it may take a billing cycle before I hear anything further. So just keep you phones and email clear....


So "best buy no ship to store" = "no refund in timely manner."  It's looking like they will likely be holding the "money" for over a month. I guess they just don't have capitol to move around like you would think. Terrible! Nasty! Thing is that they have the cash in the form of a gift card. Regardless they have the cash, they get a loan from the bank to pay for the iPad. They also will be collecting from ups now due to the lost/stolen package. Regardless BEST BUY has and will be getting paid for this. As I sit here twiddling my fingers. This phone call i was suprised with an actual case number this time. 


I've call Best Buy's Credit company to create a dispute with charge (November 7th 4pm) I was also advised by the rep to contact the escalated case phone number. 


Due to so much travesty, If Best Buy does not correct this in a timely manner I will spend the gift cards on red tag items. Close the credit card( once properly disputed) and it will be the very last time they see a dime from me, or my family and business! 


And not a single condolence offer was made. If i owned a company like this and held on to that much capitol without delivering there would be a problem with me and the customerservice team. Restocking fee is charged to us as a consumer past a certain date. Well your now holding on to funds with no merchandise, and no merchandise to sell. 



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Re: Instore IPad purchase turns to lost iPad by ups and a hold on cash for over a month

Hello, ThaDDsNuts.


Thank you for joining us here on the Community Forums! We are happy to have you here with us. Although, I certainly wish it were under better circumstances.  I can certainly see how this situation is not an ideal. one to have occur.


I understand how getting a new iPad is supposed to be an exciting experience, so I regret hearing about how it did not arrive like it was supposed to. Then, to be having such an experience with trying to get that refund processed, is certainly not helping to make this situation better. I'm sure I would feel much like you do.


I would be more than happy to take another look at this for you. 


To get started, please use the blue button next to my signature to send me a Private Message. Please be sure to include your name, phone number, and email. If you happen to have that order number on hand, please feel free to send that over as well. Thanks!


Kind regards,


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Re: Instore IPad purchase turns to lost iPad by ups and a hold on cash for over a month

Message Sent.