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Inappropriate employee behavior/Customer Privacy


Last week I was in Best Buy and one of the cashiers displayed some disturbing behavior that I think needs to be addressed. For starters, I'm male, the employee in question is female. She was very flirtatious, making comments about my appearance. It was a bit uncomfortable as it caught me off guard, but I brushed it off. She then asked me if she wanted to call me to hang out should she call the number on my account. It creeped me out, I told her my wife probably wouldn't appreciate that. She offered her number if I changed my mind. I told my wife about this, she's obviously annoyed. It's disturbing that a Best Buy employee could potentially use customer info in this manner. Over the weekend, I told this story to some friends that were over. My buddy gave a description of the same cashier and said she had actually hit on him before too. We did some digging and to see if we were both talking about the same person and managed to find her Twitter account. She recently tweeted about flirting with and insulting another customer.

Obviously she's displaying inappropriate behavior to customers. It's concerning that she is using customer info inappropriately especially when it's unwanted. If she took it upon herself to contact me or some other guy that declined her advances, that could definitely cause problems at home. I'm assuming she can see customer addresses too, I'm not comfortable knowing that she knows where I live. If the roles were reversed, if this was a male employee doing this to female customers, they'd be terminated immediately. I'm now uncomfortable going into that particular location. I can provide the store address, employee name and a link to the aforementioned tweet if needed.
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Re: Inappropriate employee behavior/Customer Privacy

Hello, Jb348589, and welcome to our online community!

Thank you for reaching out to our Forum support team. We never want our customers to feel uncomfortable with an interaction they had at one of our stores with an employee. I'm sorry you had this kind of experience during your last visit, and we take these claims seriously. 


It is important to us that this is followed up on and addressed, as an experience of this nature is no more acceptable to us than it is to you. That being said, I have sent you a Private Message regarding this post, and I look forward to your reply.




Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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