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In Store Purchase

This morning, I went in to best buy needing some basic tech advice regarding the type of cable/adapter for my computer monitor.  I had recently bought a Lenovo monitor and tower which I set-up; however I could not get the visual monitor to connect with the tower/cpu.  When I first walked in I stopped at the information both at the entrance of the store for direction on what department I needed to go to.  The store associate directed me to the computer/laptop section of the store.  When I asked the sales associate at that department, they asked me to provide  specific info on the type of Monitor and Tower I had purchased which were both from the Lenovo brand.  The sales associate seemed perplexed after a couple of minues of looking through the store computer; and instead directed me to the geek squad.  They apologized that they could not help me; however before I left the department, I asked if they could direct me to the cable/adapters isle; I had done some research before going to the store, however I was unsure because I am not tech literate and felt a bit intimidated by it, hence why I went to Best Buy in the first place.  So I grabbed 2 different cables/adaptors I thought may be of use; one being a display port cable, and the other was a serial adapter cable.  Then I went to the geek squad desk, and asked the same question; I also showed the sales associate a document that contained the set-up for the monitor to the tower/cpu with pictures.  Then I showed the sales associate the 2 different cables/adaptors that I thought might work.  I was told they were incorrect items; and was assured that I needed an HDMI cable.  Then I was directed  to the home/theater department.  I then headed over there and asked the sales associate the same question, and they too reassured me it was the correct cable I needed.  So I happily purchased it; but was dissapointed later when I connected the cable, and it was an improper fit.  Now I have to go back to the store to return, and pay a 15% restocking fee on erroneous advice from sales associates whom I relied on to provide a bit more knowledgable advice to a customer with none or very little basic technological knowledge on the products they sell/market to the public.   Thank you.

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Re: In Store Purchase

Cables don’t have a restocking fee, not sure why you would be charged for one.

As for most of the Lenovo IdeaCentre desktop models and monitors we currently carry, HDMI is the most common connection. Some also have a VGA port. DisplayPort seems less common on these particular models.

Can you provide the 7 digit sku numbers for the monitor and desktop, we should be able to give you a solid answer on what cable is needed, if there is more than one option, and the best overall way to make the connection.
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Re: In Store Purchase

Good afternoon, EL_8910,


Welcome to our community forums and thank you for writing to us regarding your visit to one of our store locations. I know after a certain point all these cables start to begin looking the same and that it can be difficult to determine exactly what you need for your setup. As jdogg836 mentioned, we'd be happy to help you figure out exactly what you need. Can you please provide the model number or SKU so we can take a closer look at this?


While some products categories incur a restocking fee, cables are not normally included in this list. Were you charged or told you would be charged a restocking fee?

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